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Destiny 2: Xur Location and Exotic Items (June 3 – June 6)

From June 3 to June 6 in Destiny 2Xur can be found at the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus. Xur returns every weekend in Destiny 2 to offer a fresh inventory full of Exotic and Legendary weapons and armor. These items will cost a substantial amount of Glimmer and Legendary Shards altogether, so players should be sure to stock up on these currencies every week beforehand.

Additionally, Xur has a new Hawkmoon and DMT for sale in Destiny 2. The Witch Queen expansion brought many changes to the game, and one of them is that Xur will always sell these two Exotic weapons with randomized rolls every weekend. Because both weapons have perks that can change, it’s best to hold on to the materials used to purchase them until a great roll is for sale. Lastly, the Xenology quest is also available to pick up and complete for an Exotic Cipher.


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This weekend, Xur’s available Hawkmoon has Hip-Fire Grip while the Dead Man’s Tale has Vorpal Weapon. The Hawkmoon roll isn’t something worth spending the materials on, but the DMT roll is a different story. In addition to Vorpal Weapon, Xur’s Dead Man’s Tale also has Light Mag and Arrowhead Brake, increasing the weapon’s, range, recoil control, handling, and reload speed. Although the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle roll is good this week, it could be better with Fluted Barrel and Ricochet Rounds.

Destiny 2: Where Is Xur? Exotic Weapons & Armor (June 3 – June 6)

Destiny 2: Where Is Xur? Exotic Weapons & Armor (June 3 - June 6)
  • Coldheart – Exotic Arc Trace Rifle
  • Oathkeeper (Hunter Exotic) – 59 Stat Roll with good Recovery.
  • Ashen Wake (Titan Exotic) – 64 Stat Roll with good Recovery and ok Discipline and Strength.
  • Astrocyte Verse (Warlock Exotic) – 60 Stat Roll with good Resilience and ok Recovery and Intellect.

Coldheart is a great Exotic weapon to grab for those who don’t already have it, especially with the buffs it recently received in addition to the general buff to Trace Rifles at the start of Season of the Haunted. Oathkeeper has too low of a stat roll for an Exotic armor piece, but Hunters that use Bows the majority of the time may consider buying it if they don’t have a better roll. Ashen Wake improves Fusion Grenades for Titans, which can be useful for completing the new Duality dungeon in Destiny 2. Given that Solar 3.0 was released at the start of the season, this Exotic armor piece is worth picking up for those who don’t own it or have a worse roll. Astrocyte Verse is a good helmet for Warlocks that improves Blink, and that stat roll is worth considering for those who don’t already own a better version.

Although the stat rolls on Xur’s Exotic armor may not be as great as they could possibly be, it’s important to remember that the benefits of any Exotic armor piece sometimes counteract low stats. For example, the Exotic Perk on the Ashen Wake gauntlets causes Fusion Grenades to explode on impact and gain increased throw speed. This means that it has the Fastball armor mod built into it intrinsically.

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Additionally, the Ashen Wake armor piece is perfect for Solar 3.0 in Destiny 2 because after a kill with a Fusion Grenade has occurred, 25%, 50%, and 100% of Grenade Energy will be generated for defeating minor enemies, major enemies, and bosses or Guardians, respectively. A low Discipline stat, which affects the consistent regeneration of Grenade Energy, won’t be as detrimental for a Titan using Ashen Wake because the Grenade Energy comes back quick than it would normally.

Destiny 2: Xur’s Legendary Weapons & Armor (June 3 – June 6)

Destiny 2: Xur's Legendary Weapons & Armor (June 3 - June 6)
  • Lonesome (Kinetic Sidearm) – Precision Frame, Outlaw/Swashbuckler, great roll for PvP and PvE.
  • False Promises (Kinetic Auto Rifle) – High-Impact Frame, Threat Detector/Sympathetic Arsenal, good roll for PvE.
  • Chrysura Melo (Solar Auto Rifle) – High-Impact Frame, Ensemble/Harmony, has an Accuracy Masterwork.
  • Long Shadow (Kinetic Sniper Rifle) – Adaptive Frame, Firmly Planted/Rampage, good roll for PvE.
  • Iota Draconis (Solar Fusion Rifle) – High-Impact Frame, Under Pressure/Kickstart, Charge Time Masterwork, same frame as the Wizened Rebuke Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.
  • Honor’s Edge (Arc Sword) – Adaptive Frame, Energy Transfer/Shattering Blade, there are better Arc swords like Bequest and Half-Truths.
  • The Swarm (Arc Machine Gun) – High-Impact Frame, Surplus/Vorpal Weapon, retired Nightfall weapon.

The best Legendary weapons to pick up from Xur this week are Lonesome, Iota Draconis, and The Swarm. Specifically, Iota Draconis and The Swarm both received buffs at the beginning of Season of the Haunted as a High-Impact Fusion Rifle and Machine Gun. Lonesome’s perk combination is great for those looking for a Legendary Kinetic Sidearm for endgame PvE content, or just another option for PvP. Chrysura Melo’s Accuracy Masterwork is something that is usually found on a Bow, so it’s worth picking up just for the sake of testing out its effectiveness. Long Shadow has its selective uses but its perk combination isn’t the god roll weapon variation in Destiny 2. The same can be said for False Promises and Honor’s Edge.

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Additionally, Xur has the Substitutional armor set from Season 8 available to buy.

  • Titan Armor Stats – Gauntlets (55), Chest Armor (57), Helmet (62), Leg Armor (65)
  • Warlock Armor Stats – Gauntlets (60), Chest Armor (65), Helmet (57), Leg Armor (57)
  • Hunter Armor Stats – Gauntlets (60), Chest Armor (62), Helmet (62), Leg Armor (58)

Both the Titan’s gauntlets and chest armor can be left alone, but the helmet piece has a fantastic 25 Intellect stat. The same applies to the Titan leg armor but for Strength instead of Intellect. The Warlock gauntlets also have great Recovery and Discipline stats, and the chest armor provides an ok boost to all stats, but the rest of the set has terrible distribution. The Hunter gauntlets, chest, and helmet armor pieces all have rolls that could improve every character stat in Destiny 2 making them worth checking out, but the leg armor can be passed on as well.

Those who are looking to collect every set of armor for every Guardian class, however, should purchase any items that they may be missing. Though not every armor piece here is worth using, they can all be applied to the transmog system with Ada-1 after being acquired in the collection’s tab. This gear set is only available from Xur now, so collectors should aware that this may be their only opportunity to buy the armor in Destiny 2 for a long time.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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