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Doom Now Playable On Twitter Thanks To Tweet2Doom Project

If sent a list of actions to its account, the Tweet2Doom project allows Twitter users to play DOOM on the popular social media platform.

Thanks to a new Twitter bot called Tweet2Doom, users can now play a watered-down version of DOOM on the popular social media platform. The original installment of the titular first-person shooter franchise was released in 1993 for the MS-DOS PC operating system, but is now available to play on a wide array of platforms and consoles. The game is currently ported onto the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

DOOM has inspired various projects in the past that fall into a similar category to this Twitter stunt, particularly when it comes to its active modding community. Series protagonist Doomguy (later referred to as Doom Slayer, among other names) has seen his share of trials and tribulations in-game, but even more so with the addition of DOOM mods. One such mod from earlier this year turns DOOM 2 into a survival horror game; allowing players to traverse an abandoned, ominous-looking mining town to kill infiltrating zombies.

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That being said, the Twee2Doom project (via Rock Paper Shotgunisn’t a mod – nor does it change anything about the gameplay, mechanics, or content in DOOMRather, Tweet2Doom is a Twitter bot that allows players to send in a list of in-game actions, and the account will post a video clip going through the requested motions. One user submitted a series of in-game actions to the account, which led to a video reply from Tweet2Doom showcasing exactly how their request played out.

Seeing as the “Play” requests might look quite complicated, Tweet2Doom includes instructions for how to submit these pseudo-turn-based DOOM orders based on how it is programmed; including keyboard inputs for gameplay like “new frame,” “escape,” “left arrow” or other arrow-related moves, “shift + up arrow,” “ctrl,” and so on and so forth. The tweet also includes rules for those looking to make use of this bot, such as “Your tweet must be a reply to the @tweet2doom tweet,” and “your tweet must contain a play command: /play [input].” 

While the franchise might have seen the roll-out of nearly every imaginable DOOM mod, a DOOM Twitter bot that enables platform users to play the game seems to be a new creation related to the long-running franchise. Users might not directly play the game via the social media website, but inputting gameplay directions and seeing its subsequent results aren’t too far off from playing the actual game itself. Of course, this process makes the trial-and-error aspect of gaming completely inaccessible, and players reportedly have only cleared the first couple of levels by the time of writing. As a result, progressing through the game using this bot seems like a comparatively tougher undertaking than simply playing DOOM on one of its many available platforms.

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Source: Tweet2Doom/Twitter, Rock Paper Shotgun

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