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Dragon Ball: The 10 Best Energy Clashes, Ranked

Many Dragon Ball fans are in love with the September 1st episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Currently, several of the warriors are combating female warriors from the Glass Tribe, and one of them, Hit, even fell for Yamcha, calling him her darling. This has excited many fans, believing that Yamcha has finally found a girlfriend once again.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes may not be as exciting as the other Dragon Ball series, but it does contain many fun battles with epic energy clashes. Energy clashes are something that has been recurring since the original Dragon Ball series and have even transferred over to several of the video games.


10 Father-Son Galick Gun Vs Holy Wrath

Fans have always loved Gohan’s iconic scene with Goku as he destroyed Cell, dubbing the name “Father-Son Kamehameha.” But in the “Future” Trunks arc, Vegeta and Future Trunks get to share a similar scene as they fire a Galick Gun up at Zamasu’s Holy Wrath.

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This scene resonated with many Dragon Ball fans and was one of many times fans got to see Trunks use one of his father’s techniques. With Galick Gun making a frequent return in the Dragon Ball Superanime as Vegeta’s signature technique, it was the perfect scene to parallel Goku and Gohan.

9 Ultimate Kamehameha Vs Earth-Destroying Kamehameha

One of Gohan’s best techniques in Dragon Ball is no doubt the Kamehameha. However, one of the best scenes fans see him with this technique is when he unleashes it up at Cell, who attempts to destroy the Earth with one of his own Kamehameha’s.

This scene shows Gohan’s arrogance and confidence in his new powers clearly as he stands there, charging his attack without assuming any pose until it’s ready. And while he could have destroyed Cell with his next attack, he decided to let him suffer, a mistake that cost him his father’s life.

8 Angry Kamehameha Vs Last Emperor

Much like Gohan, one of Goku’s best techniques in Dragon Ball is also the Kamehameha. However, not every use of it is like what Goku normally does. After Goku spares Frieza’s life, giving a bit of his own energy, the Emperor turns on Goku and tries to strike him down with a technique called the Last Emperor.

Goku defeats Frieza effortlessly with a Kamehameha from one palm full of rage. The scene perfectly showcased how foolish and in vain Frieza’s attempt to defeat Goku was with how little power Goku actually needed to finish him off.

7 Universe 7’s Attacks Vs Full Power Energy Ball

Agnilasa proved to be one of the toughest foes for Team Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, one of Dragon Ball‘s best tournaments. Thankfully, with the might of Frieza, Android 17, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan all combined into one, they were able to topple the giant android and defeat him for good.

While Android 17 landed the final blow, the energy clash that preceded it was epic and showcased one of the few times that fans got to see multiple characters throw in their strongest attacks together as one.

6 Final Kamehameha Vs Triangle Danger Beam

The first Universe to be eliminated in the Tournament of Power was Universe 9. The Universe tried their best to tag-team on Universe 7 to take them down quickly. However, they had unquestionably underestimated them, and Goku and Vegeta’s combined might was enough to defeat the strongest of Team Universe 9, the Trio of Danger.

Goku fired his Kamehameha, and Vegeta let loose his Final Flash, merging them into one attack called Final Kamehameha, a technique used by their fusion Vegito. This attack clashed in an epic scene against Trio of Danger’s Triangle Danger Beam and overwhelmed them.

5 Spirit Bomb Vs Kamehameha

The final battle against Majin Buu depended on the people of Earth’s energy. While Goku’s Spirit Bomb was incredibly powerful, it did struggle against Majin Buu’s Kamehameha.

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This was a close-cornered battle that nearly saw the end of Earth’s hero, but thankfully one wish remained on the Namekian Dragon Balls that restored Goku’s strength. This was an incredible conclusion to Dragon Ball and the Dragon Ball Z segment of the series, ending it with a technique that Goku learned near the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and utilizing the Dragon Balls to do so.

4 Spirit Bomb Vs Calamity Blaster

Turles was a perfect representation of what Goku could have been if he had not hit his head as a child and had gone down an evil route.

The final showdown between Goku and Turles felt like an old western, with the two of them preparing to draw and fire their strongest attacks. While Turles gained sustenance from sucking the Earth dry of its energy, Goku borrowed Earth’s energy to destroy this threat. The two clashed in an epic final battle as polar opposites.

3 Kaioken Kamehameha Vs Galick Gun

While there had been a couple of energy clashes prior to the conclusive battle between the two strongest characters of the Saiyan Saga, this was no doubt the first and most memorable scene of one. This was a visually stunning scene that gave fans wonderful colors of red, violet, and blue.

The clash of these warriors was mind-blowing as Goku’s Kaioken Kamehameha slammed into Vegeta’s equally powered Galick Gun. While the two struggled in a tight battle, Goku ultimately was victorious in this struggle thanks to pushing past the limits of his Kaioken.

2 Father-Son Kamehameha Vs Solar Kamehameha

Gohan’s energy clash with Cell is one of the best and most iconic scenes in Dragon Ball Z. This power struggle left Cell with an overwhelming advantage thanks to cutting Gohan’s power down dramatically and Gohan having a lack of confidence in himself.

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However, thanks to Goku pushing him forward and showing him what he needed to do, Gohan was able to overwhelm Cell. Fans then get to see a beautiful image of Goku behind Gohan, pushing him forward and showing fans where Gohan’s inner strength comes from.

1 Family Kamehameha Vs Omega Blaster

The only thing better than the Father-Son Kamehameha is the Father-Son-Son Kamehameha. The Family Kamehameha was the epic scene where Goku came down briefly from Other World to aid his sons in the final struggle against Broly.

This solidified Broly – Second Coming as one of the best Dragon Ball Z films with its beautiful animation and Goku pushing his sons forward to save the Earth from the villainous Saiyan. Even Trunks plays a major part as he uses his blasts to create an opening when distracting Broly.

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