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Elden Ring’s Caelid Region Becomes Doom In Fan Poster

While one may not think the two have much in common, an Elden Ring player has made a poster that combines it with the iconography of the Doom series.

A fan of both Elden Ring and the Doom franchise has mashed the two up in a heavy metal-inspired piece of art. FromSoftware’s latest title is already the subject of several pieces of impressive fan art that pay tribute to its many enemies, NPCs, and environments. Countless memes have spawned from the fanbase as well, with gamers making humorous crossover videos and images that place characters like Tony Soprano in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring boasts a sprawling, diverse, fantastical map that many gamers will spend dozens of hours exploring. Each region has its own unique atmosphere, charm, and hazards, with some adhering more to traditional fantasy tropes and conventions than others. Limgrave, for instance, isn’t too much of a far cry from something one might find in a piece of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones media, albeit with a slightly more eerie, unwelcoming twist. Other areas, though, can be much stranger, and Caelid is one of them; the region of Caelid is a hellish landscape with a red sky and apocalyptic features, making it ripe for comparison with the Doom series, which features hordes of alien-demon hybrids that the player must defeat in spectacularly brutal fashion.


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This comparison was made in an impressive, tongue-in-cheek way by Reddit user Chicagogospel, who recently shared a mock poster depicting the Elden Ring player character taking on several intimidating monsters. Although dressed in medieval knight garb typical of FromSoftware games, the character in this poster is striking a pose very similar to the one that Doomguy popularized in the classic Doom poster. Against the scarlet sky is a title that reads “Caelid” in the instantly recognizable Doom font.

While Doom may not have an incredible amount in common with Elden Ring, or any FromSoftware game for that matter, a comparison of the two is not totally unfounded. Elden Ring features demigods like Starscourge Radahn who have gone mad and corrupt. Doom‘s various antagonists are a bit more ambiguous, but the themes of power, corruption, and control are present in both titles, especially when it comes to enemy forces.

Perhaps more obvious, though, is the fact that both Doom and Elden Ring are brutally violent and challenging at many points. Both experiences also feature striking, memorable designs when it comes to enemies, environments, and gear, although Doom‘s iconography has had much longer to seep into the public consciousness. However, the gaming world could see this same thing happen to Elden Ring over time– perhaps gamers will even use its poster as a theme for future mash-up fan art pieces.

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Source: Chicagogospel/Reddit

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