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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mod Lets Players Fly Around In An Airship

A new mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lets players take to the skies by summoning an airship, allowing them to go virtually anywhere.

A newly released mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion gives players their own personal airship to fly across the land of Cyrodiil. Bethesda’s widely beloved RPG turned 15 years old this past year and – in spite of its age – the game is still played, modified and frequently discussed by a large number of fans.

Modders are a major part of the enduring Oblivion community, and have been working within the game since it first came out. Although many old criticisms of Oblivion still stand, a lot of those critiques can be addressed with a combination of free mods. These have often involved systematic or mechanical changes, and have even added questlines that were previously unfinished. Other mods, however, are made purely to empower the player or grant them something that otherwise wouldn’t exist in the game.


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One such mod is the recently released “Airship” mod by chambcra on Nexus Mods. After installation, the mod provides the player with a spell to summon a personal airship. The craft resembles a hot air balloon or zeppelin, with a wicker longboat attached to an inflated tarp. Interacting with the airship allows the player to board and control it, and they can bring two or fewer additional passengers for the ride. This way, one could avoid Oblivion‘s various efficiency annoyances.

In addition to basic steering, the ship has seven different speed settings and can freely go upward and downward in the air. It also includes its own movement keys, so the player can walk and look in any direction while flying. Although the airship can fly virtually anywhere on the Oblivion map (even in dungeons), enemies are still able to detect and attack the player with spells and arrows. However, the ship also comes with a strong destruction spell that casts downward in a 30-foot radius, and the player can also use archery and magic while the ship is stopped.

Mods have always improved The Elder Scrolls games, and it’s good to see Oblivion‘s modding scene going strong on its 15th anniversary. Even Bethesda has lifted ideas straight from the modding community in its numerous rereleases of Skyrim. Fans may still have years left to wait for the mysterious Elder Scrolls VI, but modders are always creating greater replay value for the previous games in the series.

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Source: chambcra/Nexus Mods

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