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Encanto: Why Dolores Hearing Bruno Isn’t A Plot Hole

In Disney’s Encanto, Dolores seems to know Bruno is hiding in the house’s walls for years, but there’s a reason that isn’t a plot hole.

In Disney’s Encanto, Dolores seems to know Bruno is hiding in the house’s walls for years, why can Dolores hear Bruno? There’s a reason that isn’t a plot hole. In Encanto, Abuela Alma Madrigal (María Cecilia Botero) receives a miracle on the night her husband died, sacrificing himself for the village and his family. After her husband’s death, Alma receives a magical candle, and an enchanted house, and her family members get supernatural gifts. For instance, Pepa Madrigal (Carolina Gaitán) has the power to control the weather, and Dolores (Adassa) has superpowered hearing, allowing her to know all of the town’s gossip. But unfortunately, Mirabel Madrigal, one of Alma’s granddaughters, doesn’t receive a gift, which strains her relationship with Alma.


Like Mirabel, Bruno (John Leguizamo) is also an outcast in the family. Years before the events of Encanto, Bruno had a vision of the future on the night Mirabel didn’t receive a magical gift. The vision revealed the magical house falling apart, and Mirabel was at the center of it. So to protect his niece, John Leguizamo’s Uncle Bruno went into hiding, living in the house’s walls for ten years.

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So why can Dolores hear Bruno? Though Dolores seems to hear Bruno living in the house’s walls, there’s a reason she doesn’t speak up about it. Dolores’s super hearing lets her in on all the secrets in the town, and she even admits in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” that she believes she hears Bruno in the walls of the magical Casita. If Dolores had simply spoken up sooner about Bruno, it seems the family could’ve addressed his dark vision of the future. However, when Mirabel is trying to solve why the house is cracking, Dolores tells her, “The only one worried about the magic is you… and the rats talking in the walls.” The statement (pointed out on Reddit) reveals why it’s not a plot hole that Dolores heard Bruno in the walls.

Why Dolores Hearing Bruno Isn’t A Plot Hole

Encanto why Dolores didnt hear bruno

Why can Dolores hear Bruno? The truth is, Dolores isn’t exactly sure what she hears when it comes to Bruno. Bruno left to live in the house’s walls when Dolores was just a child, so she’s listened to her uncle in the house for years. For Dolores, his sounds are a regular part of her everyday life. From Dolores’s line about “rats talking in the walls,” it’s clear she’s probably convinced herself over the years that she’s not hearing Bruno. She simply hears rats.

Additionally, it does appear that Dolores previously spoke up in Encanto. Besides telling Mirabel about Bruno during “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” Dolores has a triumphant moment at the film’s end. After Bruno reveals himself to the family, Dolores says, “I knew he never left.” From the statement, it seems like Dolores may have spoken up about Bruno living in the walls before, but people didn’t believe her. And after years of people telling her she was wrong, perhaps she didn’t even believe herself. After all, her mother, Pepa Madrigal, makes sure people “don’t talk about Bruno.”

Why Dolores Hearing Bruno Makes Encanto Better

Encanto We Don’t Talk About Bruno Dolores Watches Mariano

Not only is Dolores hearing Bruno in the walls not really a plot hole, it also helps reinforce the main themes and message of Encanto. The whole movie is about the Madrigal family learning to be more understanding towards each other, particularly to listen to what the other members of the family have to contribute. This mainly applies to Mirabel and Abuela, but both Dolores and Bruno have dreams and ideas that go unheard (such as Dolores’ love for Mariano, and Bruno’s prophecies). The fact that Dolores could hear Bruno all along, then, serves as a significant thematic tie-in. Therefore, it’s not an Encanto plot hole, but rather an effective metaphor.

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