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Fall Guys’ Free-For-All Update Will Give The Game A Second Life

With the new Free For All update, it seems like Fall Guys may be poised for another rise in popularity this summer, bringing in players new and old.

The next big update coming to Fall Guys might be the revitalization the game needs to bring the game to a new audience. After its launch in August 2020, Mediatonic found huge success, in large part because of Fall Guys’ launch on Playstation Plus. Following this successful launch, it seemed that studio Mediatonic was unprepared to continue maintaining a game that was much more successful than the team anticipated.

In early 2021, a few months after the game’s surprising launch, developer Mediatonic was purchased by Epic Games, which players believed would give Mediatonic the resources they needed to continue to build Fall Guys. Due to Epic Games’ experience with other prominent indie game developer Psyonix, and the continued success of Rocket League, players had reason to be hopeful. Despite this, though, the Fall Guys team still stayed pretty quiet about future events. While new seasons and costume collaborations with franchises Ratchet and Clank were continuously added, none came close to getting Fall Guys to its previous heights of popularity.


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With Fall Guys‘ new Free For All update, it seems this partnership with Epic Games is now paying off. Like Rocket LeagueFall Guys is officially going free-to-play starting on June 21. Along with going free-to-play, Fall Guys is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store. Crossplay and cross-progression are coming to all platforms with the Free For All update as well, giving Fall Guys a united player base, right when it adds an infusion of players coming with new platforms.

The Free For All Fall Guys Update Will Unify Players & Revitalize The Game

fall guys free-to-play xbox and switch reveal

The combination of going free-to-play and adding cross-progression was a very player-friendly move by Mediatonic and Epic Games. This comes after Epic Games and Mediatonic borrowed Fortnite‘s anti-cheat for Fall Guys to combat cheaters. Now, players who got started with the paid version on Steam or PlayStation Plus version on PlayStation 4 can not only move their earned cosmetics to new platforms they want to play on, but they can go to those new platforms for no extra cost. This makes Fall Guys a game that players can play together with anyone, and transfer their progress across platforms seamlessly.

This new seamless transition ensures that both new and old players alike will return for this update. Players who formerly had paid versions of the game may come back to claim their new cosmetics and battle pass they earn for being early adopters of the game. Or, players may simply come back to play with friends that own Xbox systems or a Nintendo Switch, to play with them after they previously couldn’t.

With the new Free For All update, it seems like Fall Guys may be poised for another rise in popularity this summer. With even more future content being teased, including a Fall Guys level creator for player-made courses, it seems like Epic Games and Mediatonic are supporting the game for the long run. After the release of the Free For All update on June 21, Fall Guys should have a rejuvenated audience of players new and old, excited to see what’s next from the unique battle royale game.

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