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Fallout 76 Free Copies Sold With €5 Magazine In France

A Fallout fan has discovered that their local department store is giving away Fallout 76 for free bundled with a video magazine that only costs €5.

Though Bethesda continues to support the title with quality updates, it looks like Fallout 76 could potentially be falling short once again: a French fan recently spotted their local store selling the title bundled with a magazine for only €5. This isn’t the first instance where departments have gone to extreme lengths to offload copies of Fallout 76 onto customers, GameStop Germany previously gave out Fallout 76 for free to customers who purchased used controllers. This decision was followed after the maligned multiplayer title met with overwhelmingly negative scores.

Fallout 76 launched in 2018 and introduced multiplayer to Bethesda’s long-running popular Fallout series. The title, however, suffered from numerous controversies and a disastrous launch that featured a broken live-service and empty world. In an attempt to resuscitate the game, Bethesda fixed ongoing issues with minor patches, followed by bigger updates to draw back players and grow its community. Fallout 76‘s first big update came with Wastelanders, which fixed almost a thousand bugs and overhauled the experience with a storyline, NPCs, and reintroduced dialog trees seen in previous Fallout games. Wastelanders was followed up by The Legendary Run which added seasons to the title, offering players a progression system with in-game awards similar to other online battle passes.


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Shared on Reddit, user savunup posted a screenshot of what appears to be a hard copy of Fallout 76 bundled with a JeuxVideo magazine. The French user claims their local department store was selling the limited bundle for only €5 and according to the context, it appears to have sold out due to only having about 10 of them. Comments on the post didn’t come as a surprise, as many players made snarky replies to show distaste for the title. Meanwhile, some defended it, stating that it’s worth more and its updates made up for its original shortcoming.

See the original post on Reddit here.

Fallout 76 recently released its major new content update called Night Of The Moth. The update features a series of new quality-of-life improvements, a new seasonal event, exclusive themed rewards, and much more for Fallout. In addition to the update, Fallout 76‘s Season 7 also officially launched and adds a new season pass with new tiers and rewards such as a Dr. Zorbo outfit, an Alien Shooting Gallery, and a Vault Boy West Virginia Slot Machine, with many more to be unlocked as players progress through Appalachia completing daily and weekly objectives.

The release of Fallout 76 was somewhat rough for Bethesda Game Studios, which had the reputation as one of the greatest RPG studios around. Though copies of the title are being given away for seemingly nothing, the growing multiplayer game is expected to hold out players till the next Fallout game arrives.

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Fallout 76 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Source: savunup/Reddit

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