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Friends: 10 Best Memes Found On Reddit

Although Friends ended in 2004, NBC’s sitcom is still wildly popular amongst audiences of all ages. The series became a comfort show for many people, acting as an escape to somewhere familiar. It offers a relaxed viewing with some classic laughs along the way, which is why so many people tuned into Friends: The Reunion at the end of 2021.

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Fans of the series gathered on Reddit to discuss their favorite scenes, give their unpopular opinions, and share their best memes. With 10 seasons of meme-worthy content, Reddit users were able to make some of the best memes that Friends fans will surely love.

10 You’re Either Rachel or Monica

In life, everyone is either a Rachel or a Monica. Rachel and Monica have been best friends for many years and it’s safe to say that throughout the series they have remained two very different people. Their differences are what make their relationship so fun to watch.

This meme from Redditor FlorenceBridgerton adequately sums up how distinct Rachel and Monica are while also being quite relatable. Monica is known for being energetic and having very exaggerated reactions and although Rachel has her melodramatic moments, she seems to be the more calm and collected of the two.

9 How’s 2022 Going?

Most would agree that lately, it hasn’t been many people’s day, week, month, or even year. While not in the same situation the world faces today, the Friends group has been through their fair share of troubles. The Friends theme song pretty much sums up the premise of the show that through all of life’s struggles they will get by together.

Every character on the show has been through a lot in their life, but Chandler being the face of this meme by u/Akis127 seems fitting. While all 6 characters have their moments as the “funny one,” Chandler’s sarcasm and jokes are always very prominent. Chandler is well aware that he uses humor to mask pain and this meme seems like something Chandler himself would make if the series was set in 2022.


8 They Were On A Break

Friends fans will know this iconic Ross line very well. There has been an ongoing debate on Reddit about whether or not Ross and Rachel were really “on a break.” Aside from being the center point of memes, the line was brought up multiple times in the series as a running joke.

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This meme from a Reddit user whose username has been deleted proposes a very entertaining idea for a Kit Kat commercial. The reply by Kit Kat makes the idea that much better, letting fans entertain the thought of the commercial being brought to life. Although the commercial will more than likely remain in the idea stage, the jokes and memes produced from Ross’s iconic ‘we were on a break” line don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

7 Why Watch Something New When You Can Rewatch Friends?

True fans never stop re-watching FriendsFriends is a great comfort show for many. The series is a low-stakes and light-hearted show that is enjoyable no matter how many times viewers have watched it. With 236 episodes, it takes some dedication to re-watch the series more than a few times, but die-hard fans of Friends have completed this challenge an impressive amount of times.

As one of the most popular TV shows of all time, it is difficult for fans to watch anything new. This meme from Redditor misterbrightside916 perfectly sums up how hard it is for Friends fans to watch new shows. Casual watchers of the series may try to get die-hard fans to try something new, but in the end, old habits die hard.

6 The First Vlogger

There aren’t many vloggers that made their start in the 90s, but Joey Tribbiani did. It doesn’t take much to entertain Joey so given a video camera and a new country to explore, he makes the best of things unintentionally becoming the world’s very first vlogger.

This meme from Redditor Asyakerem50 perfectly shows how excited Joey is to be in a new place with a video camera and his best friends. Joey is perhaps one of the funniest and most meme-worthy characters in Friends due to his tendency to be oblivious and overall not the brightest of characters. He is a man of simple pleasures. He will be quite happy with just a meatball sub, a beer, and a good football game.

5 Ursula Vs Phoebe

They may be identical twins, but they could not be more different. It is no secret that Phoebe’s identical twin sister Ursula is meant to be almost the exact opposite of her. Ursula Buffay appeared in a number of episodes over the 10 seasons and each time she was portrayed as an antagonist. She is rude and oblivious to the needs of the people around her, including Phoebe.

The twins’ opposite personalities are perfectly summed up by this meme from u/Turbulent_Ad_231. Phoebe is relatively sweet-natured and though at times her frankness is harsh, she genuinely cares for her friends. Ursula tries her best to completely ignore her twin sister’s existence and when she does acknowledge Phoebe it is usually to insult her or manipulate her. It is safe to say that Ursula and Phoebe are polar opposites in pretty much every way.

4 Ross’ 2nd Marriage

Well, Rachel never expected him to actually do it. Ross and Rachel have a very complicated relationship to say the very least. Ross likes Rachel, but Rachel doesn’t like Ross then vice versa. The Ross and Rachel makeup then breakup cycle is a constant throughout the series, but no one was surprised the series ended with them together.

This hilarious meme comes from Redditor Never_rarely. The meme perfectly describes this situation in the show. After Ross says Rachel instead of Emily at his 2nd wedding, Rachel encourages him to save his marriage. Rachel is a little surprised when Ross does just that.

3 The Secret Recipe

Real fans remember when Monica and Phoebe spent two days trying to find Phoebe’s grandma’s secret cookie recipe. Phoebe referred to her grandmother on a number of occasions throughout the show and her grandmother appeared in one episode of the series.

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This meme from Redditor Turbulent_Ad_231 is a silly little reference to that episode. In the one episode, Phoebe’s grandmother is in, she is seen lying to Phoebe about who her father and grandfather are. It was things like this that made Phoebe believe that after her grandmother passed she went down rather than up.

2 Profile Picture Vs Tagged Picture

Some people just aren’t that photogenic and Chandler Bing is one of them. Many can relate to this Chandler meme by Reddit user Biseron13. Everyone picks their very best picture for their profile, but their friends and family don’t always do the same when posting pictures.

Chandler Bing can’t smile on command. Friends fans will remember this episode when Monica and Candler get their pictures taken and they don’t turn out that great. Chandler Bing has actually led a pretty sad life, but he uses the worst aspects of his life as the punchline to self-deprecating jokes. Joking about his insecurities, like not being able to smile, is a defense mechanism that Chandler uses often in the series.

1 Catchphrases

Die-hard fans can hear these iconic lines from each character in their voices. From Joey’s cheeky “how you doin'” to Ross’s dejected “hi,” fans relate these lines with each character. And although Chandler’s always changes, the familiar “Could I BE” remains one of Chandler’s best quotes.

Redditor baraaH22 posted this meme on the subreddit friends_tv_show for fellow friends fans to enjoy. After re-watching a couple of times fans will start to catch these words or phrases that each character repeats multiple times throughout the series, becoming the characters’ catchphrases.

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