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Friends: The Tallest & 5 Shortest Actors In The Cast

Appearances are significant in movies and TV shows and an actor’s aesthetic can help bring their characters to life. The iconic sitcom Friends boasts perfect casting. For example, Monica’s medium stature combined with her high-pitched voice played a pivotal role in shaping her character arc.

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Every actor’s personality on Friends was written with their physical characteristics in mind. This makes one wonder who the tallest and shortest cast members were and whether or not it played into their personalities.

10 Danny DeVito Is 4’9″

At 4-foot-9, Danny DeVito is the shortest in the cast of Friends. He played a male stripper named Roy (stage name: Officer Goodbody), who was getting too old to strip. Roy was hired at the 11th hour by Phoebe’s bridesmaids, Rachel and Monica. The sheer exhaustion from climbing up the stairs to Monica’s and the cringy looks at the bachelorettes provoked him to think maybe it was time to quit, after all. But before he walked out, Phoebe let him do his dance routine one more time. For playing Roy on Friends, Danny DeVito was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2004 Emmys.

9 Reese Witherspoon Is 5’1″


What can be said about Reese Witherspoon? She is one of the most versatile actresses of all time. Throughout her career, the 5-foot-1 actress has never been held back by her short stature and has starred in many diverse roles, including Jill Green, who appeared twice on the show.

In order to learn the value of money, Jill was sent by the girls’ father, Dr. Leonard Green, to live with her sister, Rachel. But unfortunately, his efforts proved to be meaningless since the spoilt brat had memorized his credit card numbers. Reese Witherspoon’s Friends cameo was utterly hilarious and she caused quite a stir by throwing herself on Ross, purely out of spite for Rachel.

8 Lauren Tom Is 5’1″

Lauren Tom as Julie in Friends

Actress Lauren Tom, who played Julie on Friends, is 5-feet-one-and-a-half-inches tall. She and Charlie Wheeler were the only two women of color on the show paired opposite one of the male leads, Ross Geller.

Lauren Tom’s wonderful portrayal of an Asian-American paleontologist won the hearts of the audience. Her character was smart, successful, talented, and grounded. Julie however wasn’t Ross’ lobster, so the two of them split.

7 Debra Jo Rupp Is 5’2″

The 5-foot-2 tall Debra Jo Rupp was part of a rather controversial Friends storyline. The actress was cast as a home economics teacher named Alice Knight-Buffay and began an unlikely romance with her student and Phoebe’s half-brother, Frank Buffay Jr.

Frank Jr. and Alice’s love affair angered Phoebe, but nothing could keep them apart. Despite the early opposition to the romance and the wedding, Phoebe gave them her blessing. The couple got married and Phoebe eventually carried their triplets as a surrogate.

6 Winona Ryder Is 5’3″

Actress Winona Ryder had a cameo as a realtor-turned-party planner in the episode, “The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss.” She played Rachel Green’s old sorority sister, Melissa Warburton. The duo met in college, become close friends but had lost touch since. Standing 5-foot-3, Winona did the most with her brief presence on the show. Melissa ran into Rachel in Central Perk, and later, they met for dinner.

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One time during their senior year, after drinking an excessive amount of sangria, the two ended up kissing. Melissa claimed to be in love with Rachel Green and was never heard of again.

5 Michael Rapaport Is 6’2″

Michael Rapaport played a police officer named Gary on Friends. The actor is 6-foot-2 tall– decent enough to play a cop and to be paired opposite Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay. Michael Rapaport was first introduced in “The One with the Cop,” as the titular character. Phoebe had found his misplaced police badge and flashed it at him. The meet-cute was heartwarming (albeit against the law), Gary was immediately smitten with Phoebe, and the two started a relationship.

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The couple seemed happy and they even moved in together. That was, of course, until Gary shot a chirping bird outside their window. Phoebe walked out and that was it for Michael Rapaport’s run on Friends.

4 Eddie Cahill Is 6’1″

Rachel Green hired Tag Jones as her assistant, solely on the basis of his good looks. Tag was played by actor Eddie Cahill, who stands at a height of 6-foot-1. Therefore, it should come as no surprise Rachel first mistook him for a model.

Due to Tag’s smoldering good looks and boyish charm, Rachel’s co-workers would traipse into her office just to gawk at him. However underqualified Tag may have been for the job, he was actually a reliable and hardworking assistant.

3 David Schwimmer Is 6’1″

Friends Ross Geller

Dr. Ross Geller, the fictional paleontologist, portrayed by actor David Schwimmer, stands at 6-foot-1. Ross is one of the six main cast members of the series and a Lincoln High School survivor, like his sister, Monica Geller. Throughout the school years, he developed and nurtured a crush on his sisters’ best friend, Rachel Green.

In 2020, David Schwimmer returned to sitcoms with the Peacock (NBC Universal’s streaming service) original workplace comedy, Intelligence.

2 Elliott Gould Is 6’2″

Elliott Gould had a recurring role on Friends as Ross and Monica‘s father, Jack Geller. At 6-foot-2, Elliot’s Jack Geller is shorter than his best friend, Richard Burke, but certainly taller than his son, Dr. Ross Geller.

Jack was a doting father to his kids and a loving husband to his wife, Judy. Even though he upset her by selling ice over the internet and subsequently lost their savings, the two were a happy couple.

1 Tom Selleck Is 6’4″

At 6-foot-4, Tom Selleck is the tallest in the cast of Friends. No wonder Chandler Bing called him a “big tree!” The actor played a divorced ophthalmologist named Richard Burke on the show and although he was friends with Jack and Judy Geller, he ended up dating their daughter, Monica.

Richard’s physical appearance was an important part of his characterization, so much so that the boys across the hall, Chandler and Joey, wanted to emulate him. Funny-man Chandler was obsessed with his mustache. As for Joey, he once held too big a cigar in his mouth and looked at his reflection in a spatula.

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