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Genshin Impact Non-Limited Characters Need Rate-Up Banners Too

Genshin Impact has introduced many playable characters since the game’s release, but HoYoverse needs to have Banners featuring non-limited characters.

Ever since its initial release in September 2020, Genshin Impact, a free-to-play open-world RPG published by HoYoverse, has developed a massive presence in the gaming industry. The introduction of new and unique characters along with the game’s gacha mechanics is one of many factors that has resulted in Genshin Impact‘s global success. However, some 5-star Genshin Impact characters that are popular among fans have never gotten featured banners, and that has made them difficult to acquire for even some veterans.

There are currently two different types of rarities for playable characters in Genshin Impact. 4-star characters, which are more easily obtained in Banners, and 5-star characters, which are considered rare and highly desired by fans. During the game’s release, Mona, Jean, Diluc, Qiqi, and Keqing are the non-limited 5-star characters that were introduced. These units typically do not have promotional rate-ups in Banners and can be acquired anytime through the Standard Banner if gamers are lucky. Since the game features a pity system, one of the five characters can also be randomly pulled in limited Banners if players failed to acquire the promotional character. Despite not being limited, obtaining these units can be challenging for players.


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Every update in Genshin Impact features one or two limited-time Banners, which allow players to pull for a specific hero or heroine in the game. Often times the 5-star Banner character is a new or returning limited unit and cannot be pulled once the promotional period ends. Aside from Keqing’s rate-up Banner during the Version 1.3 update, HoYoverse has yet to release another Banner that features non-limited characters.

Genshin Impact: Non-Limited Characters Are Difficult To Pull

Genshin Impact Non-Limited Characters Are Difficult To Pull

Obtaining a non-limited 5-star character can be difficult for players because there isn’t an increased pull rate for the units, and the ratio of acquiring a specific character among the five is only 20%. The ratio of pulling one of the non-limited characters in the Standard Banner is far worse because multiple 5-star weapons are mixed in. The pity system in Genshin Impact only applies to promotional characters, guaranteeing players the specific unit once enough resources are used. This means if someone wants to pull for Diluc, no amount of Primogems or Fates spent will guarantee the character appearing.

What HoYoverse can do to help players acquire a specific non-limited character is to implement a third separate Banner for each patch similar to Keqing’s Wish during the Version 1.3 update. During the event, Xiao and Hu Tao’s Banners were shorter than the usual three weeks, and instead, all three Banners lasted only two weeks each. Despite Banners lasting a shorter time, three characters could have been pulled during that particular update in Genshin Impact.

Another alternative is implementing the double Banners in Genshin Impact for every update. Simultaneous Banners were introduced during the Version 2.3 patch and have since been added to multiple updates. HoYoverse has yet to fully commit to having double Banners since there are still updates that feature a single character. By having concurrent Wishes, more characters can be cycled through especially non-limited characters.

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