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Genshin Impact’s 4-star Characters Desperately Need A Pity Counter

Genshin Impact’s Wish system allows two 5-star characters to run concurrently. However, their 4-star counterparts fail to receive the same benefits.

Genshin Impact’s Wish system was created to help feature new 5-star characters along with other existing characters who may be overdue for a rerun Banner. This ensures that players will be able to Wish for desired characters sooner, rather than waiting for a lull after a new character’s premiere Banner. However, this new system fails to incorporate the same benefits to 4-star characters.

The Weapon Banner in Genshin Impact has recently received an upgrade that allows players to chart their pity using the Epitomized Path. With each 5-star obtained, players can receive a Fate Points if it is not the 5-star weapon of their choosing. After two Fate Points have been earned, the next 5-star is guaranteed to be their weapon of choice. A similar system should be created for 4-star characters in Genshin Impact.


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Currently, Genshin Impact guarantees a 5-star character within 90 Intertwined Fates on featured Banners. If players do not receive the Banner character in the first attempt, then they will be guaranteed that character within the next 90 Wishes. If players want to obtain a 4-star character that is rated up on the same banner, they have to depend solely on in-game RNG and luck as there is no way to secure their desired character.

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For example, players who would like to obtain the newest 4-star character, Genshin Impact’s Electro-user Kuki Shinobu, will have to try their luck on 5-star Arataki Itto’s rerun Banner. This can cause problems for players who would like to obtain Shinobu without Itto. While Itto has a guarantee at 90 Wishes, 4-star characters or weapons are guaranteed with every 10 Wishes. However, players will have to consider the possibility of receiving one of the other two featured 4-stars, or one from the standard pool. Since there is no guarantee on which 4-star it will be, this makes Wishing for a specific 4-star character difficult and unpredictable.

As characters can only be obtained via the Wish system – save for rare, limited-time events – players should be given a fair chance to obtain specific characters they want. This guarantee should not be limited to only 5-star characters and weapons. A new Genshin Impact Wish system for 4-star characters will help players obtain their desired characters without having to spend all of their Primogems for something that has no guarantee or end in sight. By incorporating this new system, Genshin Impact players will be able to bring home their favorite characters, regardless of their rarity.

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