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Ghost Rider’s Strongest Form Combines Him With a Powerful MCU Villain

Ghost Rider is an insanely powerful Marvel character, but that power is increased exponentially after he merged with one monstrous MCU villain.

While Ghost Rider alone is easily one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, he isn’t able to unlock his full potential until he combines with a cosmically powerful villain who nearly defeated Doctor Strange in the MCU – a dark combination that proves to be Ghost Rider’s strongest form.

Johnny Blaze became Ghost Rider after making a deal with Mephisto to sell his own soul in exchange for healing his adopted father of his fatal illness. While Mephisto happily obliged, he later orchestrated the death of the very man Johnny sold his soul to save, a sinister trick that further tormented Blaze while also linking him to Mephisto for all eternity. Rather than dragging him to hell, Mephisto placed a demonic entity inside of Blaze, turning him into the Spirit of Vengeance. With this hellish gift also came a slew of otherworldly powers including hellfire manipulation, demonic magic manipulation, interdimensional travel, and being virtually immortal.


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In Ghost Rider #30 by Roger McKenzie and Don Perlin, Ghost Rider is suddenly transported to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum where the Master of the Mystic Arts is in the middle of an epic battle with Dormammu. In fact, it was Dormammu who brought Ghost Rider to this place as he wished to possess the Spirit of Vengeance and use the demonic antihero as his avatar in the physical world. When Ghost Rider arrived, both he and Doctor Strange were too stunned to react, but Dormammu was ready and quickly inserted his consciousness into Ghost Rider, effectively taking over his body.

Ghost Rider's strongest form came from merging with one MCU villain.

When Dormammu was possessing Ghost Rider and merged his magic with that of the Spirit of Vengeance, the resulting entity that the unholy alliance created was unimaginably powerful. Dormammu is an elder demon of his own dimension, a living cancer that constantly works to cross over to the physical world and corrupt the entire universe, something that would be well within his power level to accomplish. Luckily Doctor Strange and the very essence of Johnny Blaze were able to find a way to beat him, but if they hadn’t, this Ghost Rider/Dormammu hybrid could have easily taken over the world.

With Ghost Rider’s access to demonic magic and dimension traveling merged with Dormammu’s mastery of every form of dark magic imaginable – not to mention the fact that Ghost Rider is basically unkillable – nothing would be able to stop the onslaught that would ensue if Dormammu had defeated Strange and escaped the Sanctum with Ghost Rider as his puppet. Ghost Rider’s strongest form combines him with a powerful MCU villain, and while it wasn’t fully realized before it was stopped, that form had the potential to decimate the entire Marvel Universe.

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