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Gilmore Girls: 10 Of Lorelai’s Dumbest Decisions, According To Reddit

Thanks to multiple streaming platforms, more and more popular TV shows have left Netflix to reside on their respective streaming services. With this being the case, Gilmore Girls fans have wondered if they should binge the series one more time before it leaves Netflix forever by the end of the year.

However, What’s on Netflix shared inside scoop that Gilmore Girls wasn’t going anywhere in 2022 and that the streaming company has the show’s rights until 2026. Rewatching the series will give viewers more time to access and obsess over the one and only Lorelai Gilmore. Recently on Reddit, viewers couldn’t stop talking about all of Lorelai’s bad decisions and the effect they had on those around her. While some were small, others were unforgivable.


The One Mistake Reddit Fully Agreed With: She Should Have Never Slept With Christopher

One of the biggest mistakes that Reddit agreed with was that Lorelai should have never slept with Christopher the night she broke up with Luke. Considering she was engaged to Luke and still loved him, being comforted by her childhood boyfriend was a poor decision.

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Not only was giving Luke an ultimatum one of the biggest mistakes Lorelai made in her relationship but rushing to be with an ex was childish. 6SilverMoons told Reddit, “Lorelai did this to put a wall between her and Luke because she knew this would hurt him.” Intentionally making a bad decision to get back at Luke for taking his time with their wedding was not the right move.

Everything Had To Always Be About Lorelai

If it wasn’t about Lorelai, she made it about Lorelai. A great example of a poor decision she made was at Sookie’s kids’ baptism. Plenty of memes have been made about Lorelai’s character and how she made other people’s events all about her.

“When she literally stops Sookie’s kids’ baptisms and takes the kids out to fight with Rory DURING the ceremony, I was livid. Can everything not be about Lorelai for one goddamn second?” was what Unusual_Extrent3032 told Reddit. Others agreed that her biggest mistake was turning life moments into dramatic ones based on what was happening in her life.

Lorelai Made Rory’s College Decision About Her

One of the problems fans had with Lorelai was that she made Rory’s college application process about her and Rory instead of just about Rory. It was Rory’s decision on what college she wanted to attend. However, Lorelai made it seem like it was her decision too since she raised Rory.

BoldPear904 explained what a poor decision it was for Lorelai to be so mad at Richard when he took Rory on a tour of Yale. “It’s only Rory’s decision but Lorelai keeps saying it’s her and Rory’s. IDK. Richard meant no harm and wanted to do what he thought was best for his granddaughter and I thought Lorelai was very annoying about it,” they wrote.

Rory Had A Right To Know About What Happened To Lorelai And Max’s Failed Wedding

Although Lorelai and Luke were considered soulmates by fans, she and Max were a great couple for a brief time. Since Max was Rory’s teacher, the situation was more delicate because it affected Rory’s life at home and school.

But when Lorelai called off the engagement days before the wedding, she woke Rory up in the middle of the night to go on a road trip. Rory demanded answers but Lorelai never gave her an appropriate and much-needed response. IrisMoonn wrote that Lorelai’s dismissal of the situation was one of her worst decisions because she didn’t think how “Rory would have to go to school and see [Max]” or how she’d be affected in the long run.

Her Focus On Being Best Friends With Her Daughter Didn’t Always Work

Lorelai wasn’t always wrong, there were plenty of things she was right about. With her being a teen mom, her goal was to give Rory an incredible life and to make something of herself. She was able to accomplish that by the time Rory graduated. However, the parenting decision to be best friends with her daughter didn’t always sit well with friends.

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One fan explained that Lorelai’s insistence on telling Rory everything wasn’t “appropriate” and that Lorelai wasn’t strict enough. “I also think she parentified Rory quite a bit. Especially in the earlier seasons. I got the impression that Rory was the sensible one and that’s not a kid’s job,” they wrote.

Lorelai Should Have Comforted Rory Instead Of Running Off With Christopher

One of the strangest decisions Lorelai made that didn’t sit well with Reddit was when she chose to be comforted by Christopher instead of comforting Rory during a Friday night dinner gone wrong.

After Christopher’s parents scolded Lorelai and Rory for ruining their son’s life, the Gilmores kicked them out of their home and comforted Rory in the other room. Meanwhile, Lorelai went up to her childhood room and had sex with Christopher. Jaharmes wrote that this was “One of the most selfish acts by Lorelai.”

Unpopular Opinion: Lorelai Shouldn’t Haven’t Cut Rory Off

One of the biggest arguments Lorelai and Rory ever had was when Rory dropped out of Yale and was supported by the Gilmores behind Lorelai’s back. Instead of giving Rory the time and independence she needed to do what was best for her, Lorelai cut her off and kicked her out.

Acidisaur wrote this about Lorelai’s poor decision, “Unbelievably childish, Rory needed support and she found it in her grandparents. Where did Lorelai think she was gonna go?” As a college student, Rory needed support and guidance from Lorelai instead of being disowned.

Her Communication Was A Key Factor In Her Worst Decisions

Redditor OkSort360 wrote, “I love Lorelai and her charming personality but she’s a terrible communicator, lacks commitment, and always shakes away any kind of accountability.” Some examples that backed this were when she fought with Emily and broke up with Max.

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Instead of logically thinking things through, Lorelai acted on impulse and said horrible things she didn’t mean or shouldn’t have said in the first place. Lorelai also kept a lot of things from her family—including Rory—that never ended well,

She Was Way Too Close With Dean

When Rory and Dean first started dating, Lorelai hated the idea and wanted nothing to do with Dean. It wasn’t until she got to know Dean that she realized he wasn’t the rude person she made up in her head.

When Dean and Rory had issues before eventually breaking up, Lorelai was on Team Dean. She soothed Dean when Rory was too busy for him. The worst decision, however, was when she continued being friends with him after the breakup. Final_Lair wrote the worse decision Lorelai made was “Lorelai saying ‘Just because you and Rory broke up, doesn’t mean we have to.'” This decision crossed boundaries and was conflicting for Rory.

Lorelai Was Her Worst Self With Christopher

It’s already been mentioned that Lorelai made poor decisions whenever she was around Christopher, and that’s mainly because she wasn’t her best self when she was with him.

Impossible_Gold1573 explained that Lorelai’s poor decisions were because she turned into a “selfish, toxic, narcissistic, rude” person whenever she was with Christopher. Because the two had known each other since they were kids, they often act like the same 16-year-olds they were all those years ago. Being in a younger mindset, Lorelai rarely thought clearly or honestly with Christopher. All those moments were what led to their eventual divorce.

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