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Gilmore Girls: 10 Of The Nicest Things Rory Ever Did

When comparing the main characters on Gilmore Girlsseveral fans would agree that Rory Gilmore is a sweet person. Sure, sometimes Stars Hollow residents cut her too much slack and think that she’s too perfect, but Rory does care about being a kind and caring person who is a big part of her community. Rory would never hurt anyone on purpose and she is often willing to lend a hand to a friend or classmate in need.

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While fans are confused by Rory’s plotline in the Netflix revival A Year In The Life, the popular character does show compassion and empathy on a regular basis, whether dealing with her grandparents, her love interest Jess Mariano, or total strangers.

10 Rory Takes An Interest In Golf

gilmore girls rory richard playing golf

While Richard and Emily can be harsh on Gilmore Girls, they always want the best for Rory, particularly when it comes to her education. The beloved season 1 episode “Kill Me Now” sees Rory taking an interest in golf because she needs some credit for school.

But while Rory could simply go through the motions in order to fulfill this requirement, she throws herself into the situation, learning what she can of the sport and enjoying her time at Richard’s club. Rory knows that this day is special and meaningful for her grandfather, and it’s super sweet that she cares about giving him this fun experience.

9 Rory Keeps Jess’s Prank A Secret

jess helps rory with the sprinkler on gilmore girls

Jess is definitely not a fan of Stars Hollow, but just because he doesn’t want to live here doesn’t mean that he can’t have some fun. In season 2, Rory knows that Jess has pranked Taylor Doose by pretending that someone was killed in front of Doose’s Market.

It would be easy and understandable if Rory told everyone, including Taylor and her mom, what Jess did, but she simply lets him know that she’s aware that he was the person behind this silly idea. This is really nice of Rory as she doesn’t want to further strain Jess’s awful reputation and she’s trying to get him to see that he should be more mature.

8 Rory Teaches Her Grandparents About Frozen Pizza

Emily, Richard, and Rory with a frozen pizza on Gilmore Girls

It’s always fun when Rory spends time at Emily and Richard’s house without Lorelai as this allows them to bond more and sometimes, they both loosen up a little bit since they can let go of some family conflict. In season 1, Rory stays over at her grandparents’ house and since the cook isn’t there because of the snowstorm, Rory shows them that frozen pizza can be super delicious.

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While a small moment, fans love seeing Emily and Richard get excited over typical junk food, and this is a time when Rory is being incredibly nice. She could shrug and say that she has no idea what to make for dinner, but she wants to be helpful and useful and she makes the evening fun instead of overwhelming.

7 Rory Tries To Help Lorelai Like Jess

Rory and Jess at Luke's diner on Gilmore Girls

Jess’s bad reputation in Stars Hollow doesn’t change for a while, and Lorelai definitely finds it hard to believe that he’s a decent person who means well. In the season 2 episode “Lost And Found,” Rory asks her mom if Jess can clean their gutters, hoping that Jess could make some money.

While a seemingly innocent request, Rory also wants her mom to see Jess from another perspective and to finally be kind to him. It’s a big deal that Rory goes out on a limb for Jess, as she could stay away from the tension and drama and she doesn’t have to get so invested.

6 Rory Helps At Luke’s Diner When His Uncle Dies

Lorelai and Rory at Luke's Diner sipping coffee on Gilmore Girls

The episode “Dead Uncles and Vegetables” is memorable for a few reasons, as Luke loses his uncle and gets ready for his funeral, allowing Gilmore Girls fans to see Luke express emotion for what might be the first time.

This is also a good storyline as Rory helps out at the diner during this time. Like many of this main character’s good deeds, this isn’t something that she has to do, and she could always claim that she’s busy with homework or something else. Rory wants to be there for Luke, though, as she knows that he has always been so caring toward her. It’s heartwarming to see Rory being his support system here.

5 Rory Attends Sherry’s Awkward Baby Shower

Split image of Lorelai and Rory at Sherry's baby shower on GIlmore Girls

In “Take the Deviled Eggs…” Rory is scared to go to Sherry’s baby shower, as she doesn’t know her very well and isn’t that comfortable with her dad Christopher having a baby.

The fact that Rory attends this party is a mature act that not everyone would be capable of. It would make total sense for Rory to opt out and say that she is too nervous to go, and Lorelai would understand and help her explain it to Chris. But while Christopher is clingy on Gilmore Girls, Rory is often much more compassionate and grown-up than he is, at least when she’s still in high school.

4 Rory Doesn’t Yell At Jess When He Phones Her After Their Split

Rory on the phone with Jess at her graduation on Gilmore Girls

Fans have never forgotten the painful but necessary moment in the season 3 finale when Jess phones Rory. Since he has left town and hasn’t even broken up with her, she can tell that he’s on the other end of the line, and she can also tell that he isn’t going to say anything.

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In a moment showing her maturity and kindness, Rory doesn’t have any insults or harsh words ready. Instead of fighting with Jess or telling him off for leaving her without saying goodbye, Rory says that she loves him and lets him know that it’s time for them both to let go of their love story. While sad and hard to watch, this scene does help Jess see that their relationship was real and special.

3 Rory Shows A Chilton Student Around The Yale Campus

Anna and Rory standing together at Yale on Gilmore Girls

Rory does something really nice for Headmaster Charleston when she agrees to have Chilton student Anna stay with her at Yale. Rory assumes that Anna is interested in attending the school but soon discovers that Anna just wants to party.

It’s sweet that Rory agrees to do this in the first place and it’s even nicer that she does her best to help Anna through her visit, even when Anna takes no interest in the campus or planned activities. It means a lot to Rory to show this teenager all about how wonderful Yale is and she definitely takes pride in the assignment.

2 Rory Assists Logan With A Yale Daily News Story

Rory and Logan dressed up during a Life and Death brigade event outside on Gilmore Girls

For the fans who believe in Rory and Logan’s Gilmore Girls love story, Rory’s good deed here is an early indication that they’re meant to be together. For those who think that Logan has his problems, they probably think that Logan should write this assignment himself.

No matter where someone falls on this topic, though, it can’t be ignored that Rory is attempting to help a fellow Yale student out, and that’s a nice thing for her to do. She wants to give back to the school that means a lot to her and if she can inspire Logan to get more involved with Yale’s newspaper, she’s going to try.

1 Rory Helps Out With The Stars Hollow Gazette

Rory at her desk at the Star's Hollow Gazette

Many fans have discussed how badly Rory’s life is going in A Year In The Life, which is why it seems odd that she would agree to run the The Stars Hollow Gazette for a little while.

But while viewers believe that Rory should focus on her own writing career and that she should have an income at this point in her life, it’s respectable that she wants to help out with her small town newspaper. She would feel terribly if she ignored the tough spot that the newspaper staff is in and she figures that she might as well do something kind while thinking about her next move.

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