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Ginny & Georgia Cast & Character Guide (Plus Season 2 Updates)

Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey co-star in Ginny & Georgia, which has been renewed for season 2 — so how do you know them and the supporting cast? The 10-part Netflix show follows a single mother who moves from Texas to Massachusetts with her two children. When Georgia’s dark past affects the family’s well-being, 16-year-old Ginny must make some difficult decisions.

In Ginny & Georgia season 1, the title characters acclimate quickly in Wellsbury, Massachusetts. Ginny makes a strong impression on the mayor, Paul Randolph, while Ginny lands a date with a classmate named Hunter. The teenage girl also questions the syllabus in her English class, which doesn’t go unnoticed by a group of girls known as “MAN” (Maxine-Abby-Norah). Soon after, MAN becomes MANG, and Georgia becomes the talk of the town while dating Mayor Randolph. The storyline becomes much more complex when Ginny’s nomad father, Zion, shows up.


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Developed by Sarah Lampert, Ginny & Georgia season 1 includes a heavy amount of mainstream music and pop culture references. The Netflix TV show also includes poignant societal commentaries about race and privilege, allowing the performers to show extra depth. Here’s how you know the Ginny & Georgia season 1 main and supporting cast.

Antonia Gentry As Ginny

Antonia Gentry stars as Ginny, a teenage girl who moves from Texas to Massachusetts with her mother and brother. Ginny provides voiceover narration throughout Ginny & Georgia, and realizes that she’s perhaps becoming too much like her mother. Gentry portrayed Sara in Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street and Jasmine in Candy Jar. She recently appeared as Wendy in Raising Dion season 1.

Brianne Howey As Georgia

Brianne Howey in Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Brianne Howey co-headlines Ginny & Georgia‘s cast as Georgia, a woman with a troubled past who attempts to survive at all costs. She maintains a permanent grin from episode to episode, but her actions suggest that she’s not actually all that sweet. Howey portrayed Kay in I’m Dying Up Here and Shauna Babcock in The Passage. She recently appeared as Alison B. in Dollface, which is streaming on Hulu, and Reagan in Batwoman.

Felix Mallard As Marcus

Felix Mallard in Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Felix Mallard portrays Marcus, Ellen’s son, in Ginny & Georgia. He’s initially attracted to Ginny, but feels loyal to his girlfriend, Padma. Marcus struggles with depression after losing a good friend to cancer. Mallard portrayed Lucas Caravaggio in Locke & Key and Aiden in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. He also appeared as Roamer in the 2020 film All the Bright Places.

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Sara Waisglass As Maxine

Sara Waisglass in Ginny and Georgia on Netflix

Sara Waisglass features among Ginny & Georgia‘s cast as Maxine, Marcus’ gay twin sister. She immediately warms up to Ginny, and seeks out the ideal partner at school. Loyal as Maxine may be, she’s kept in the dark about Ginny’s relationship with Marcus. Waisglass portrayed Frankie Hollingsworth in Degrassi: The Next Generation and Lyla in Holly Hobbie. She also appeared as Madison St. Claire in October Faction.

Katie Douglas As Abby

Katie Douglas in Ginny and Georgia on Netflix

Katie Douglas portrays Abby in Ginny & Georgia, a member of Ginny’s MANG group. She reaches out to friends in group chats, and often feels like she’s not supported, especially when her parents separate. Douglas portrayed Sally Wilcox in Spooksville and Naomi Malik in Mary Kills People.

Mason Temple As Hunter Chen

Mason Temple in Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Mason Temple appears as Hunter Chen, Ginny’s Taiwanese boyfriend. He presents a happy demeanor in public, but privately struggles with how the Asian community perceives him. Temple has appeared in iZombie season 4 and Six season 2.

Scott Porter As Paul Randolph

Scott Porter in Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Scott Porter portrays Paul Randolph, the Mayor of Wellsbury, in Ginny & Georgia. He forms a romantic relationship with Georgia, but worries about how her past could affect his re-election chances. Porter portrayed Jason Street in Friday Night Lights and Rex Racer in Speed Racer. He recently voiced White Wolf/Hunter in Avengers Assemble.

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Ginny & Georgia’s Supporting Cast

Nikki Roumel in Ginny & Georgia on Netflix

Nikki Roumel (above) as Teenage Georgia: In flashback sequences, young Georgia makes some bold moves that establish context for the present timeline. Nikki Roumel portrayed Sibyl Sadik in Designated Survivor season 2 on Netflix and appeared as a cheer captain in Holly Hobbie season 1.

Diesel La Torraca as Austin: Georgia’s son. Diesel La Torraca made his movie debut as Felix in Monsters and portrayed Ben Jones in Lambs of God.

Raymond Ablack as Joe: The owner of Joe’s Blue Farm Cafe. Raymond Ablack portrayed Raj Singh in Orphan Black and Stoddard in Narcos.

Jennifer Robertson As Ellen Baker: The Millers’ neighbor. Jennifer Robertson appeared as CeCe Goldsworthy in Degrassi: The Next Generation and portrayed Jocelyn Schitt in Schitt’s Creek.

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Nathan Mitchell as Zion: Ginny’s father. Nathan Mitchell portrays Black Noir in The Boys.

Chelsea Clark as Norah: A member of MANG. Chelsea Clark portrayed Esme Song in Degrassi: Next Class.

Humberly González as Sophie Sanchez: Maxine’s love interest. Humberly González portrayed Ana in Orphan Black and Vanessa in In the Dark.

Ginny & Georgia season 1 was released in February 2021 on Netflix.

Everything We Know About Ginny & Georgia Season 2, Including Who’s Returning

Ginny & Georgia Hair Bathroom

As of April 19th, 2021, it has been confirmed that Ginny & Georgia has received a second season. However, there isn’t yet a concrete release date set for season 2. Filming was delayed numerous times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing a formal release for either late 2022 or sometime in 2023. Story details haven’t been put out for the upcoming installment, but based on how the Netflix show’s first season ended, the characters are headed off to some exciting new places. Most notably, Zion will play a more significant role, as that’s who Ginny is off to see when she packs her bag and leaves. In addition, the season will take a deeper dive into politician Mayor Paul, and he may not be as innocent as he seems. Season 1 also sets up the return of Austin’s father. The show will finally reveal why Austin hasn’t been at school lately, and it may involve his dad.

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All of the main cast will be returning for Ginny & Georgia season 2, and there’s an exciting new addition in the form of Austin’s father, Gil. Gil will be played by Aaron Ashmore, who has also appeared in Locke and Key. Other than that, no new cast members have been confirmed, but that doesn’t exclude new faces from popping up in the drama of Ginny & Georgia season 2.

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