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God Of War: How To Get More Chaos Flames (Blades Of Chaos Upgrades)

Chaos Flames are the crafting material that Kratos needs to use in order to upgrade the Blades of Chaos and unlock more skills in God of War.

God of War has more crafting materials than any other game in the series, and the Chaos Flames are some of the newest additions that Kratos needs to get more of throughout the story. Chaos Flames are specifically used to upgrade the Blades of Chaos, similar to how the Frozen Flames upgrade the Leviathan Axe in God of War. There are four Chaos Flames that can be found throughout the available realms in God of War.

The Blades of Chaos are the token weapon of the God of War series and are iconic even to those who have ever only seen images of Kratos. The Blades of Chaos have been in Kratos’s possession ever since the first God of War, and they’ve made an appearance in every game afterward. However, one of the more unique features of God of War (2018) is that Kratos doesn’t begin his adventure with the Blades of Chaos, which means he will not be able to find Chaos Flames until after he dawns them again.


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As one might expect when looking for crafting materials to upgrade the Blades of Chaos in God of War, each Chaos Flame is tied to a mini-boss battle reward. Some of the Chaos Flames will be found through mini-boss battles that are part of the main story, and two of the Chaos Flames are in Helheim specifically. After Atreus falls ill, Kratos unravels the blades from his home and brings them to Helheim to find the cure for his son. Fortunately, this also leads players to the first Chaos Flame location in God of War.

God Of War: All Chaos Flame Locations

God of War 2018 Kratos Blades of Chaos

These are the locations of the Chaos Flames that can be found throughout God of War:

  • Chaos Flame 1: The first Chaos Flame is rewarded in Helheim after Kratos takes down the Bridge of the Damned keeper, Mattugr Helson. He is one of the trolls in God of War and has the ability to vanish, as well as spawn orbs that seek out Kratos.
  • Chaos Flame 2: The second Chaos Flame is found shortly after the first in Tyr’s Temple during The Black Rune chapter of God of War. This fight, however, requires Kratos to defeat two trolls instead of one.
  • Chaos Flame 3: The next Chaos Flame is back in Helheim and can be found during the second visit. Continue along the main path until Kratos reaches the gate locked by Wind of Hel. Open the gate, then defeat the First Traveler to receive the third Chaos Flame.
  • Chaos Flame 4: The final Chaos Flame is in Muspelheim, and is a reward for defeating Gondul, one of the many corrupted Valkyries. Valkyries are some of the toughest enemies Kratos faces, and are typically the guardians of Odin’s Hidden Chambers in God of War.

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God of War is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will be available for PC on January 14, 2022.

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