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God of War Ragnarök Narrative Director Addresses Angrboda Controversy

After controversy surrounding the dark skin of a God of War Ragnarok character, narrative designer Matt Sophos has spoken out against naysayers.

Matt Sophos, the narrative director of God of War Ragnarök, has addressed the recent controversy surrounding a new character in the game. The upcoming sequel will continue the story of Kratos, the franchise’s formerly rage-fueled main protagonist, and his young son Atreus. The recent gameplay reveal of God of War Ragnarok suggests that the next chapter in the epic saga will be even bigger, and more emotional, than the last.

The full reveal of God of War Ragnarok sheds more light on the journey that the upcoming sequel will take players on. The game will take place a few years after 2018’s God of War, with the mystical storms of Fimbulwinter ravaging the world. Kratos and a noticeably older Atreus lay in hiding, but Atreus desires to go on a new journey to put a stop to the apocalyptic event Ragnarok. Along the way, the duo, and their decapitated ally Mimir, will encounter all manner of characters from throughout Norse mythology. Among these allies and foes will be the iconic God of Thunder Thor, the Norse God of War Tyr, and one of the last surviving Giants named Angrboda. Angrboda holds an important place in Norse mythology and a close relationship with the God of Mischief Loki.

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While Angrboda was meant to be an intriguing reveal in the God of War Ragnarok trailer, narrative director Matt Sophos has been forced to address the controversy about the character’s appearance via Twitter. The game’s version of Angrboda, portrayed by Laya DeLeon Hayes of Grey’s Anatomy, is a young girl with dark skin. Some began criticizing the character’s appearance after the reveal trailer, claiming that her dark skin was not consistent with the Norse mythology setting of the game. Sophos’ response to these critics is thorough and insightful, reminding fans that the God of War franchise is a modern interpretation of ancient fantasies.

Alongside Angrboda, Thor’s model in God of War Ragnarok has received some recent backlash from fans and critics of the upcoming title. 2018’s God of War sets up the famous God of Thunder as a powerful adversary for Kratos and Atreus, with a hidden scene after the game’s credits setting up a throwdown between the deities. However, Ragnarok‘s design for Thor portrays a hulking brute with a beer gut, rather than the typical depiction of the Norse god as a chiseled hunk. Like Angrboda’s design, Thor’s model reflects Sony Santa Monica’s unique perspective on the Norse myth and its essential figures.

The God of War series adapts and modernizes classic myths, translating these works for a modern audience. Angrboda’s dark complexion in God of War Ragnarok should therefore be a non-issue, especially due to the character’s status as a magical being rather than a historically accurate inhabitant of Scandinavia. The last remaining Giant is sure to play an essential role in God of War Ragnarok‘s story, and the game’s developers have expressed that Laya DeLeon Hayes brings the character to life beautifully.

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God of War Ragnarök will release on PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

Source: Matt Sophos/Twitter

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