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Gotham Knights Star Confirms Duela Is The Joker’s Daughter

One of the stars of Gotham Knights, Olivia Rose Keegan, confirms that Duela will indeed be depicted as the Joker’s daughter in the upcoming DC show.

One of the stars of The CW’s Gotham Knights confirms that Duela will indeed be depicted as the Joker’s daughter in the upcoming DC TV show. Since 2012, The CW has partially become known for its superhero properties through Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse, as it has launched one show after another. 2023 will be no different as the network is adding a new DC TV series to their now-slim slate of comic book projects. Coming from a team of Batwoman writers and producers, Gotham Knights will be debuting on The CW in 2023 as the network’s second Batman-related series.

While stemming from the Batwoman creative team, Gotham Knights will not be an Arrowverse spinoff and won’t have any ties to the upcoming video game of the same name. Gotham Knights will revolve around Bruce Wayne’s adoptive son, Turner Hayes, who gets framed for Batman’s death alongside several children of the Dark Knight’s villains. One of the DC players that will be featured in Gotham Knights is Duela, who will be portrayed by Olivia Rose Keegan. DC fans will know Duela as none other than Joker’s daughter, who has quite the complex history in the comic lore.


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Though Gotham Knights won’t be arriving until next year, one major detail has been confirmed about The CW’s iteration of Duela. While the Gotham Knights trailer only hinted that she may be Joker’s daughter, Keegan confirms that is indeed the case in an interview with TVLine where she also talks about her arc on the series. Per Keegan, Duela will be a wildcard out of all the main characters, sharing the following:

“Duela is sort of like the full embodiment of like every wild instinct you’ve ever had, which I think we all have that part of ourselves. But it’s so crazy to see and to think like, ‘Oh, what if you let that take over your whole entire self?’ So she’s fireball, she’s wildcard, she’s the Joker’s daughter.”

Gotham Knights CW Cast

While it was expected that Gotham Knights‘ Duela would have ties to Joker in one way or the other, it makes sense why there was some doubt about it. In the comics, her full name is Duela Dent, and she is the daughter of Three-Face, a.k.a. Evelyn Dent and the Two-Face of Earth-3. While the comics have retooled Duela’s existence multiple times, Gotham Knights won’t be the first time the character pops up on a CW show. In Batwoman season 1, Duela appeared in episode 14, “Grinning From Ear to Ear,” played by Alessandra Torresani. Duela was still Evelyn’s daughter, and Batwoman revealed that Harvey Dent was her uncle.

Given that Duela will be a series regular on Gotham Knights, the series is obviously going to go deeper into her roots than Batwoman did. Given that Misha Collins will be starring as Harvey, it wouldn’t be a shock if the show finds a way to tie them together somehow. It’s unlikely that Joker will actually ever appear on Gotham Knights since there are strict restrictions from Warner Bros. when it comes to using Batman characters on DC TV. When Keegan was cast as Joker’s daughter initially, the breakdown revealed that not only was Duela born in Arkham Asylum, but she was abandoned by her father, who was described as “the most dangerous man in Gotham.” However, Gotham Knights season 1 may still have a point where Duela does come face-to-face with Joker for at least one episode if the studio clears that. It would certainly make for an interesting story.

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Gotham Knights premieres on The CW in 2023.

Source: TVLine

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