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Guardians Of The Galaxy & Their DC Counterparts

The Guardians of the Galaxy continue to rise in popularity and make a name for themselves through Thor: Love and Thunder and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. They are unique and loved for being a ragtag group of heroes that feel different from any other characters.

However, looking through DC comics history, there are plenty of characters that share similarities to Marvel’s space adventurers. The DC universe has groups that are just as bizarre as the space protectors, but it is the individual characters that marvel fans could learn to love for their similarities to individual characters.


8 Rocket Racoon – John Constatine

Split image of Rocket and Constatine

Rocket may look cute and cuddly, but his words and actions would say the opposite. Although many would argue that his DC counterpart would be the fellow space mammal in the Green Lantern’s Chip, he’s a better fit for the rough personality of the mystic John Constantine.

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They share a past that haunts them and use humor and insults to cover up that pain. Both Rocket and Constatine are selfish and are only loyal to their close friends and teammates. They may not be the friendliest of heroes, but they are useful to have as an ally in a fight.

7 Groot – King Shark

split image of groot and king Shark

Despite some of his closest friends understanding him, many Marvel characters can’t understand Groot due his vocabulary, which is famously limited to “I am Groot.” Despite that, Groot is often seen as a loyal friend and kind soul that wants to protect his friends and do the right thing.

James Gunn filmed both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squadso it makes sense that he used a sort of Goot analog in King Shark. Though he’s sometimes seen as more villainous in DC comics, The Suicide Squad and Harly Quinn show King Shark as a kinder soul (who, like Groot, is more than capable of fighting when the time calls). Although King Shark is more vicious in the comics and his intellect changes with each writer, Groot has undergone similar changes throughout the years before the MCU movie solidified a personality for him in pop culture.

6 Yondu – Ras Al Ghul

Split image of Yondu and Ras Al Ghul

Honorary Guardians of the Galaxy member and leader of the Revengers, Yondu is an outlaw with a large group that commits crimes and cares for his apprentices even when they separate. Yondu is not a hand-to-hand fighter as he uses an arrow controlled by sound.

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Yondu may have a different weapon of choice and is a bit more carefree than Ras Al Ghul, the head of the demon, but they are the same in how they lead and survive. They both lead their respective groups with complete control, and although going against those who left, they still have respect for their former protégés Peter Quill and Bruce Wayne.

5  Nebula – Arsenal

Split image of Nebula and Arsenal

Nebula lives life with constant anger and pain on her shoulder as she was raised and experimented on by the mad titan Thanos until she reached her potential of being a deadly weapon. Arsenal is a character that shares that anger that fuels his fight.

Nebula and Arsenal share skills such as hacking, fighting, and fixing machinery (granted, one is space tech). Arsenal is not as cybernetic as Nebula, though he does have a cybernetic arm that he uses it to his advantage when in combat.

4 Gamora- Black Canary

Though she grows to hate him, Gamora shows that she is the daughter of Thanos through her confidence and her fighting skills. “The most dangerous woman in the galaxy” knows how skilled she is, and she doesn’t take attitude or disrepect from anyone.

Like Gamora, Black Canary and her ultrasonic scream has the confidence to take on any woman or man that thinks they can defeat her in a fight. Both fall for lovable idiots in Green Arrow and Peter Quill (at least in the movie) and would defend them with a fearless, carefree attitude.

3 Mantis – Starfire

Split image of Mantis and Starfire

Mantis may be known for her somewhat naive personality, but she’s much more dangerous when she wants to be than she lets on. Though she isn’t the best hand-to-hand combatant in the movies (her comics characters is a skilled martial artist), she makes up for it with her powerful empath abilities.

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An alien that can relate to this is the princess of Tamaran Starfire. Like Mantis, her kindness can wrongly be taken for weakness. They are both lovers and fighters that will go all-in for their team with immense power that may not be immediately obvious to people they meet.

2 Drax – Superboy

Split image of Drax and Superboy

Drax is (much like his actor) an animal that loves to fight, and this character can be summed up by looking at Connor Kent, aka Superboy. Drax has evolved to be more than just the destroyer that he was designed to be. Like Drax, Superboy Connor Kent was designed to be a weapon that personifies power and strength.

Connor Kent is the clone of Superman that starts off full of anger until he discovers a new side of himself through friends. Superboy has shown humor through excitement, as proven through comics such as 1998’s Young Justice #1. Both characters have grown out of their anger and have become characters that enjoy the company of friends.

1 Star-Lord – Green Lantern

As the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill does not lack confidence. The earthing turned space explorer/outlaw is confident in his skills as a space hero.

Green Lanterns are, in a way, DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hal Jordan is only one of hundreds of members of the Corps, but he is the one with the most similarities with Star-Lord. Like Star-lord, he is a confident if not cocky space explorer with a creative fighting style to him. Star-lord may have technology matching Adam Strange, but his will and mindset to push the limits is a character trait that can be seen in Lantern that protects the universe.

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