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Halloween Kills BTS Photo Shows Michael Myers Actor’s Burned Face

New Halloween Kills behind-the-scenes photos show Michael Myers’ actor’s burned face, bloody hands, and damaged mask from the horror sequel.

Warning: Potential Spoilers for Halloween Kills Below

New behind-the-scenes images of Michael Myers’ burnt face and mask are revealed for Halloween Kills. The film is a follow-up to the 2018 sequel, Halloween, directed by David Gordon Green, which serves as a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original film, also titled Halloween and released in 1978. Halloween Kills picks up right after the events of the 2018 film, which had Michael Myers seemingly defeated and about to be burned alive in the home of Laurie Strode.

Jamie Lee Curtis is back for the new series of films, which are meant to be a trilogy that completes the Michael Myers saga. Halloween Ends is set to begin filming soon with a release date next year, which will see the final confrontation between “The Shape” and his main prey, Laurie Strode (Curtis). Green is directing all three films, which are produced by Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions. Halloween Kills opened this past weekend to a stunning $50 million debut, especially for post-pandemic times. The last film earned $285 million worldwide off of a $10 million budget, making the series exceptionally profitable thus far.

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Recently, zmyersofficial shared some new BTS images from Halloween Kills, which give a new look at the actor underneath the mask, as well as the prosthetics and make-up applied to make him “The Shape” ready. James Jude Courtney plays the mute serial killer, who is obviously older and more grizzled than the first time he was unmasked in the original film. Myers’ left eye was damaged in the 1978 film by Strode, which left him permanently disfigured, but the damage accrued in the last film is also showing, including burns from the fire set at the end of the film. In addition to the actor’s make-up, there are shots of Myers’ burnt and scarred mask, as well as Myers’ bloodied and battered hands and additional set pics. Check out the images below:

The Halloween legacy is a long and distinguished one with a variety of sequels releasing decade-by-decade since Carpenter’s original debuted. Halloween III: Season of the Witch, was an anthology style film that did not feature Michael Myers, but that was quickly changed for the fourth film when fans demanded his return. Since that time, Myers has returned again and again, with Curtis also coming back to the franchise in many of the sequels. The new films ignore all the sequels that came after the original, instead making a more complete narrative that isn’t beholden to the massive web of storylines that have been concocted since.

While Michael Myers has always been the silent stalker with an expressionless mask, the new trilogy has begun to explore who he is underneath the mask, at least in terms of appearance. Obviously, Myers would age after 40 years, making him essentially an old man, but his impervious, relentless, and near immortal physical presence is stronger than ever. While the camera doesn’t linger for long or give a highly detailed look at the actor playing “The Shape” in Halloween Kills, there’s certainly more to be seen than has ever been shown before in the franchise. While some fans may prefer to never see Myers’ face in any capacity, it adds an element of humanity, teasing the potential that he could finally be defeated in Halloween Ends…maybe.

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Source: zmeyersofficial

  • Halloween Kills (2021)Release date: Oct 15, 2021

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