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Halloween Kills Video Shows Over 300 People Dressed as Michael Myers

A Michigan city broke the record for the largest gathering of individuals in Michael Myers costumes as shown in a terrifying Halloween Kills video.

Fright Village in Lake Orion, MI, has released a nightmarish Halloween Kills video that features over 300 individuals dressed as Michael Myers. Halloween Kills is the latest addition to the Halloween franchise, which now boasts 12 films and multiple novels and comic books. Myers is the antagonist of these slasher films and first appeared in the original Halloween film in 1978. As a child, Myers is admitted to a sanitarium after murdering his sister. Fifteen years later, the killer returns to terrorize the town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

Halloween Kills is the sequel to 2018’s Halloween, and stars Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, respectively. The film premiered on October 15th, making it a special spooky treat for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Myers has become practically synonymous with the holiday as he is truly the personification of evil and terror. The iconic Halloween villain is a favorite among horror film enthusiasts for his nightmarish appearance and ruthless massacres. Hence, every year, Myers is a popular costume choice for trick-or-treaters and partygoers due to being highly recognizable and utterly terrifying. However, one town in Michigan has taken the Myers fandom to an entirely new level.

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As reported by Fox and shared by Courtney, Lake Orion’s Canterbury Village was a harrowing sight on October 15th as over 300 people dressed up as Michael Myers. Fright Village, a component of Canterbury Village, set a new record for the largest gathering of individuals in Myers costumes at one time. The gathering was in celebration of Halloween Kills’ opening night, and Courtney himself was able to make it to Michigan for the occasion. Eerie footage shows hundreds of Myers’ gathered together – lining staircases and balconies with expressionless masks and raised knives to create a spectacular, but truly nightmarish, sight. Check out the video below:

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Fright Village teamed up with Motor City Comic Con to pull off the bone-chilling Myers costume record. While the exact number is unknown, estimates say over 300 individuals participated in the mass Myers gathering. It was especially exciting that Courtney himself chose to celebrate Halloween Kills’ premiere at the gathering, as well. The spooky site was a candid reminder of the enormous role that fans play in keeping the Halloween franchise alive year after year. It is the fandom’s endless enthusiasm for all that is scary and macabre that has allowed the Halloween franchise to stay alive for over four decades. Not every single Halloween film has received positive reception, but it is always guaranteed that the franchise’s fans will be at the theaters for their special spooky treat every time another film drops.

Early reviews for the film have been fairly mixed, but Halloween Kills is projected to surpass No Time to Die at the box office this weekend. Despite some early criticism and its simultaneous release on Peacock, the film is setting out to have a solid weekend. Just as the people of Fright Village demonstrate, the film holds strong appeal for those wishing to get into the spooky spirit once more. Halloween took a hit last year when the pandemic put a damper on some of the holiday’s most beloved traditions of trick-or-treating and costume parties. While caution is still necessary, it is refreshing to see individuals putting in extra effort to make up for missing the holiday last year. Halloween Kills is the perfect catalyst for getting everyone back into the thrilling spooky spirit of the holiday that was noticeably absent last year.

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