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Halo Infinite’s Warthog & Mongoose Can Still Drive Without Tires

Players discover that Halo Infinite’s Warthog and Mongoose vehicles can still operate as expected even when their tires are blown clean off.

Multiplayer tech preview players have discovered Halo Infinite‘s Warthog and Mongoose vehicles can drive just fine without any tires. Halo Infinite was put through its paces in the first weekend of its second playtest, which allowed players to try the game out and give feedback to developer 343 Industries ahead of the game’s long-awaited December launch.

Like all previous entries in the long-running and massively influential Halo series, Halo Infinite‘s free-to-play multiplayer features vehicles on certain maps, including Halo‘s ever-popular Warthog and Mongoose. While both of these vehicles are designed to take a great deal of punishment, they will become inoperable and explode after receiving too much damage, and this looks better than before thanks to Halo Infinite’s much-improved graphics. Players can even shoot out their Warthog’s tires themselves, but apparently this won’t affect its ability to navigate the rough terrain of Halo Infinite’s many multiplayer maps too much.

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Reddit user ElArterias posted a brief gameplay video of themselves shooting out their Warthog’s tires to the Halo subreddit on the last day of the Halo Infinite tech preview’s first weekend. They proceeded to take the now-tireless rover out for a joyride, and it still drove – albeit much slower and with reduced handling. Fellow user ninjaiceflame repeated this with a Mongoose not long after ElArterias’s Warthog ride, and the smaller vehicle still ran as expected despite a few sparks emanating from the Mongoose’s wheels when driving across metal flooring.

Many interesting tidbits and gameplay quirks like this have been discovered during the latest round of developer 343’s pre-release flighting, including the return of the classic BXB exploit resulting in effortless melee kills and the truly bizarre infinite wet floor sign Halo Infinite glitch. Finding (and hopefully fixing) issues like these is the last leg of Xbox‘s long journey to get Halo Infinite up to par following its delay as an Xbox Series X/S launch title in 2020. Over the past year, 343 has slowly begun to win back some skeptics by showing Halo Infinite’s better polished visuals and art style, but many are still disappointed that the Halo series’ popular Forge Mode and Campaign Co-Op won’t be included at launch.

At the very least, would-be Spartans will be relieved to know that their battle-hardened Warthogs and Mongooses will be able to take plenty of damage once they drive onto the battlefield in Halo Infinite, up to and including four blown-out tires. Players have one more chance to playtest these vehicles in the second weekend of the Halo Infinite multiplayer tech preview, which begins September 30.

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Halo Infinite will be available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8, 2021.

Sources: ElArterias/Reddit, ninjaiceflame/Reddit

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