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Halo Show Trailer Locations Explained By Franchise Writer

343 Industries breaks down locations featured in the first teaser for Paramount+’s Halo series, revealing the show’s settings.

343 Industries breaks down the locations featured in the first teaser for Paramount+’s Halo series, revealing the show’s settings. The long-awaited television series is based on the hit Xbox sci-fi FPS franchise. The series was announced in 2013, suffering a long period of development hell.

Set in the 26th century, Halo will center on an intergalactic conflict between humanity, which has colonized much of the galaxy, and a theocratic military alliance of numerous alien species known as the Covenant. In the midst of a conflict that sees humanity on the back foot against the Covenant, humanity places its hopes on the shoulders of John-117 (Pablo Schreiber), otherwise known as Master Chief. A supersoldier produced through the unethical secretive Spartan-II project, Master Chief fights on the frontlines against the Covenant’s genocidal campaign against humanity in a galaxy full of secrets that can shake the very universe. Ahead of the show’s first full official trailer release, 343 Industries has shared a post breaking down the locations teased in the Game Awards teaser trailer.


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Shared on Halo Waypointthe post titled “Silver Debrief: A New Beginning: Debrief 01” featured an in-depth exploration of the show, as well as a breakdown of the teaser’s locations by Senior Franchise Writer Kenneth Peters. Peters explores 4 locations, starting with a desert world with a large unearthed structure titled “[REDACTED]”, that is teased as familiar to long-time fans, but states that it isn’t the planet Harvest, which was featured on-screen in Halo Wars. The second location is White Tower, a United Nations Space Command operations center on Reach, the primary planet of the prequel game, Halo Reach. Highlighting how they took inspiration from the game, the post states the location is designed to reflect the current state of humanity and its forces in the 26th century. The next location highlighted was High Charity, the Covenant’s mobile holy city that debuted in Halo 2, with the crew highlighting how they aimed to represent different aspects of the alliance. Finally, Peters discussed the Rubble, a series of inter-connected asteroids that form a human settlement separate from the UNSC that first appeared in the Halo: The Cole Protocol novel. The post teases familiar locations to readers and a connection to Bokeem Woodbine’s Soren-066. Check out Peters’ full breakdown and the respective images below.

“[REDACTED]: This planet will be both familiar and alien to long-time fans. We have spoken before about how Silver will change up a few locations and events, and this is one of them. It’s a bit too early to go into specifics, but one clue is that it is not Harvest.

WHITE TOWER: This shot places us on Reach at one of the main UNSC Navy military reservations on the planet, centered on WHITE TOWER, a FLEETCOM operations center and relay hub. As the name infers, it is an old location, and only started to grow and expand with a sizable civilian contractor population as the Covenant War demanded an escalation in UNSC activity.

The personnel of this facility support ONI (and UNSC) operations both on Reach and in the colonies, which includes threat assessment of Covenant incursions and Insurrection activity. This location is one of the story hubs in our series and is where the Spartans of Silver Team are briefed, maintained, and re-equipped for operations in the ever-fraying outer regions of UEG space. The safety of this area is paramount, and security is enforced by a range of Navy and Marine assets, both on the ground and in the skies.

We worked closely with the art team to provide reference and architectural details that would help tie it in with locations seen in Halo: Reach (notably, New Alexandria) and Halo: The Fall of Reach Animated Series.

The mix of water, metal, concrete, rock, and snow provides an excellent canvas to showcase and contrast the military functionalism of the UNSC, the beauty of Reach, and humanity reaching upward to the stars. The art team looked at fortresses, military bases, and castles (in addition to many, many images of game reference) to build a cinematic Halo location that universally evoked feelings of strength, safety, and security.

For Halo fans, this location does exist on Reach (albeit, in a glassed state), but does not have the same level of plot significance as it does in the show.

High Charity: The design of High Charity in the show was a hugely collaborative affair and was only made after a great deal of discussion that touched on many subjects and concerns. For casual fans, the differences may seem mostly cosmetic, but be assured this is an elaborately detailed model.

For this production, we explored ideas for different spaces within the station, ranging from the inner sanctums of the Prophets to areas devoted to entirely martial endeavors. Inspiration for the station was taken from Halo 2 concept art, sea life, cathedrals, and ultra-modern airports.

This is a good example of where we diverged from previous appearances for artistic and practical purposes, and the changes do not cross back over into the games.

The Rubble: A familiar sight, in a way, for people who have seen it in their heads when reading Halo: The Cole Protocol, the Rubble is depicted for the first time in its full glory (as we see only a few sections in the Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals). As its appearance suggests, its survival is the result of a divergent timeline and series of events. Core details are unchanged, and those familiar with The Cole Protocol may see familiar locations in the interior shots!

The connection between Madrigal and the Rubble is, if anything, even more tightly coupled than in the novels, and allows us to explore a rich tapestry of life for rebels, malcontents, and pirates that live apart from the UEG and other Outer Colony pioneers.

It is here that Soren has his pirate lair, and those who have read the short story ‘Pariah’ in Halo: Evolutions may have a leg up in understanding his backstory, as that is directly relevant!

Though the series diverges from the game’s canon, 343 Industries has teased that the show, which takes place in what they call the “Silver Timeline,” will be recognizable and parallel to the events in canon. Executive producer and longtime Halo Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor stated that the separate timeline will allow the story to tell a more grounded, human story which will allow the show to diverge in ways that make sense for the show’s universe, without breaking preexisting continuity. One such way can be seen with Silver Team, the Master Chief’s squad of Spartan-II’s whose name and membership differs from the games’ Blue Team.

Though the series will differ from the games’ continuity, Halo promises to capture the universe’s scale and worldbuilding. Not only are pivotal locations such as High Charity featured in the series, but deeper cuts into the franchise’s canon like the Rubble promise to please long-time fans. Despite this, most promotional material has lacked the series’ titular Forerunner installations, prompting fans to anticipate the first glimpse at the mysterious structures when the series airs, should the first season cover that story.

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Source: Halo Waypoint

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