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Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find Bone and Squirrel Hide

Horizon Forbidden West players seeking to upgrade Aloy’s trap and potion pouches will first need to find and loot squirrels for their Hides and Bones.

Horizon Forbidden West’s players can hunt animals such as squirrels to acquire materials that can be used in crafting. After the success of Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games continues to give players an exciting open-world RPG that presents players with many ways to improve Aloy, one of which is upgrading the protagonist’s equipment through crafting. Players will be able to gather crafting components from mechanical enemies, plants, and even animals. However, locating these components is not always easy, as Horizon Forbidden West has an impressively large map teeming with sentient beings and vegetation.


The squirrel is an example of an animal that can be quite difficult to get materials from because its minute size makes it hard to locate. As players scour the wilderness in search of these critters, it can be very useful to use the Focus to highlight animals and see them through obstructions. Hitting these small targets with a bow can also present a challenge, and players should make full use of concentration to help them get a better shot at them.

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When killed, players may be able to loot the squirrels’ Hide or Bones, none of which are a guaranteed drop, meaning that players may have to farm several to get all the materials they need. These components can be used to upgrade the potion pouch and trap pouch, increasing the total number of potions and traps Horizon Forbidden West‘s protagonist can carry. Upgrading the trap pouch will require 25 shards and one squirrel Bone, while the potion pouch will require 25 shards and two squirrel Hides.

How to Farm Material from Squirrels in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Squirrel Location Map

To farm materials from squirrels players should first head to the campfire shown in the image above. When there, hold R3 to activate focus mode to illuminate critters in the area while looking for the squirrels near trees and vegetation. Players should be able to find at least two nearby, after which they can use the campfire to fast travel to a settlement and back in order to respawn them and try again.

Alternatively, players can also use workbenches in Horizon Forbidden West to create jobs and more easily locate animals and other materials they may need to upgrade an item. To use this method, players must first head to a workbench, then select an upgrade option that cannot be completed due to a lack of materials. Then, press Triangle to “create a job,” which will function as a side-quest and highlight areas on the map where the required materials to complete the upgrade can be gathered.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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