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How Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Costume is Different to Other MCU Heroes

Head writer Jeremy Slater explains the origins of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight costume, and how the suit is different from other MCU superhero designs.

Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater explains how Oscar Isaac’s costume is different from those of other MCU superheroes. The latest Marvel Disney+ series and the first centered around a character new to the franchise premiered on March 30, kicking off the studio’s 2022 slate. New Moon Knight episodes will drop every Wednesday until May 4, the week that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters.

Moon Knight centers on Isaac’s Marc Spector, an American mercenary with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which has resulted in at least one alter – Steven Grant, a mild-mannered (and British) museum employee. In addition to hosting various identities, Marc’s body is also the conduit of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu (voiced in the series by F. Murray Abraham), which gives him the power to turn into the superhero Moon Knight. Viewers got their first real glimpse of the transformation in Moon Knight episode 1, with the character’s white costume forming around him as Marc took over control from Steven.


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Now, in anticipation of today’s episode 2 release, Slater takes to Twitter to share how the creative team settled on Moon Knight’s new look. He reveals the Moon Knight episode 1 ending scene was the very first image he had of the show, and realized then the suit would need to be supernatural, rather than something Marc wears beneath his clothes. They then found themselves drawn to the character’s mummy-inspired Universe X design, and a suggestion from Kevin Feige led them to unify that look with Moon Knight’s current comics costume. Check out the thread below:

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Slater’s story provides fans with an intriguing look behind-the-scenes at Marvel’s creative process, and illustrates how much thought goes into settling on a superhero’s MCU suit. The development of a hero’s costume throughout their appearances in the long-running franchise is indeed something that viewers enjoy tracking, most recently with the WandaVision finale’s Scarlet Witch design and Peter Parker’s No Way Home ending suit. Up to now, as Slater mentions, Tony Stark’s nanotech has been a strong motif in MCU costuming, particularly when it comes to conjuring up a super-suit from thin air.

Isaac’s Moon Knight costume, by contrast, does a good job of highlighting both the supernatural and Egyptian origins of the character’s power, as well as the mercurial nature of Spector’s DID. Just as one alter can overtake another and completely change Isaac’s posture and expressions, so too can the Moon Knight persona suddenly appear as if from within, creating tension similar to Bruce Banner’s Hulk transformations. Marvel viewers are eager to get a better look at what Isaac’s suit can do in the remaining Moon Knight episodes.

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Source: Jeremy Slater/Twitter

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