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How to Add (& Remove) Friends on Xbox Series X/S

Adding and removing friends on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is super easy. Players just need to find their friends list from the Xbox button.

Players can add and remove friends on their Xbox Series X/S. Since this console is the fourth Microsoft console to hit the market, it’s likely some people might want to clear out their friend’s list. It’s common for players to not log in for days, months, or even years at a time. Deleting a few friends is not only a good way to make room for new ones, but it can be helpful to remove all of their notifications when they log in. When adding friends, players can invite each other to games, join lobbies, and send messages. It’s a great way to communicate with each other when it’s time to game.

Many of the biggest Xbox titles take advantage of multiplayer like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon. First, the player will need an active Xbox Live subscription. Without it, it’s impossible to log in to add anyone. Then, press the Xbox button on the controller to bring up the friends list. This will bring up the main menu with all of its different options.


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To add friends on Xbox Series X/S, players will need to press the RB button while on the main menu. This will open up the ‘People’ menu and the player’s friends list. There will be an option to look for new players to add. Input their Gamertag and search for them to add them as a friend. Although, make sure to take a look at their profile. It’s common to add someone else with a similar-sounding name accidentally. It’s possible to set a real name for the Xbox Series X/S account just in case. This menu also allows for properly setting up parental controls. These can prevent younger players from sending friend requests if enabled. Otherwise, send them a friend request and wait for them to accept it.

Adding & Removing Friends on Xbox Series X/S

To remove friends, the player will need to bring up the ‘People’ menu again and select the person they wish to remove. Then, they’ll need to confirm it, and the other player will not be notified that they have been removed. It’s also possible to set favorites within the friend list and have them appear on top for ease of access. This makes it easier to invite regular partners for game sessions or create a voice party.

Although, it’s common for real friendships to form over competitive games. If players go to the ‘People’ tab one last time, they’ll be able to find the ‘Recently Played With’ tab. Here, the Xbox will present a cohesive list of every game and player they have encountered. After a good game of solid communication, friendships can be born and the Xbox Series X/S makes it easy to open that connection.

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Xbox Series X/S is available now.

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