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How To Get Halo Master Chief Skin In Fall Guys

The newest crossover event in Fall Guys is with Microsoft’s Halo franchise. Learn how to unlock the Halo Master Chief skin for in-game cosmetics.

The newest crossover event in Fall Guys is with Microsoft’s Halo franchise, allowing players to unlock in-game cosmetics like the Master Chief skin. Previously, Fall Guys has had crossover events with other games like Assassin’s Creed. This is just the latest of likely a numerous amount of crossover events in Fall Guys.

For players looking to unlock the authentic Master Chief outfit in Fall Guys, there is no free method to acquire it. Instead, players must head to the Fall Guys store and use Show Bucks to purchase the items. Show Bucks can be purchased in various bundles or earned through gameplay as a reward tier in the Season 1 Battle Pass.


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Even though Halo is one of those exclusive games available on Xbox consoles and PC, Fall Guys has made this crossover event available on all platforms. Additionally, players can unlock in-game cosmetics like Spartan helmets and Master Chief in the Fall Guys version of the Switch or PS5.

How To Unlock The Master Chief Skin In Fall Guys

Fall Guys Blast Ball Match

There are three total Halo cosmetic skins available in the Fall Guys store. They are the Master Chief skin, the Brute Chieftain skin, and the Covenant Grunt skin. The Master Chief skin on its own will cost 1200 Show Bucks. However, players can purchase the bundle of all three skins for 2,400 Show Bucks, which is about $20 USD. This bundle will also come with a Grunt Panic emote.

In addition to this authentic Master Chief skin, players can also unlock a nickname, nameplate, pattern, and costume without spending a dime. Players can choose the Spartan Showdown showcase in Fall Guys from the Show Selector screen to start completing in-game challenges. Players are required to complete the following challenges:

  • Play Spartan Showdown 0/1
  • Qualify from Any Round in Spartan Showdown 0/7
  • Throw Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown 0/7
  • Get knocked down by Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown 0/7
  • Reach the Final Round in Spartan Showdown 0/1
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Dizzy Heights in Spartan Showdown 0/1
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Tip Toe in Spartan Showdown 0/1
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Gate Crash in Spartan Showdown 0/1
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Big Shots in Spartan Showdown 0/1
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Thin Ice in Spartan Showdown 0/1

Each challenge will reward the player with 100 helmets that can be used to unlock the following Fall Guys cosmetic items:

  • Spartan at Heart Nickname – Unlocks at 100 helmets
  • 200 Kudos – Unlocks at 200 helmets
  • Spartan Nameplate – Unlocks at 500 helmets
  • AI Construct Pattern – Unlocks at 700 helmets
  • Purrfect Helmet Costume – Unlocks at 1000 helmets

Players looking for the authentic Master Chief skin will have to pay, but there are still excellent alternatives for free through gameplay for Halo fans. For example, the Purrfect Helmet costume is a pink Spartan helmet with cat ears. Fans of crossover events like Halo should keep looking for the next big event.

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Fall Guys is available now on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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