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How To Transfer An AirTag To Another iPhone User

Apple doesn’t make it easy to share an AirTag with another iPhone user, but it can be removed from the Find My list and reset for gifting or selling.

AirTags can’t be shared, but Apple does allow them to be transferred to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that uses a different Apple ID even after activation. Unlike most other Apple gadgets, AirTag is surprisingly affordable. Shoppers can buy one for just $29, or get a four-pack for $99. The latter option is great for people who have multiple items they want to track, or if they want to share some of the trackers with family and friends.

Apple’s AirTag uses the company’s massive Find My network for tracking when the device is out of the Bluetooth range — and ultra-wideband tech when paired with an iPhone. With nearly a billion iPhones and other Apple devices worldwide, the Find My network is dramatically larger than those of the next biggest competitors. Tile claims over 10 million of its devices have been sold and its network is made up of smartphones that have the Tile app installed. The Find My network was expanded to other device manufacturers in April 2021, allowing third-party companies to add Find My support to their own, non-Apple gadgets. The Chipolo One Spot tracker works with Find My, as do true wireless earbuds from Belkin.


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Apple seems to have considered many different use cases and scenarios before launching the AirTag, even preparing for a user to register the device and then wanting to transfer it to someone else. Since Apple’s location beacons have a strong focus on privacy, sharing with another person isn’t easy. However, an AirTag or other device added to an individual’s Find My item list can be removed. This causes the device to reset if it is within range of the paired iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If the AirTag isn’t in range, it can be reset manually.

How To Remove & Reset An AirTag

Apple AirTag battery replacement example

To transfer an AirTag to someone else after it has been used, it must be removed from the Find My item list of the original owner and reset. If the paired device is nearby, this will happen automatically. Resetting it manually involves removing the AirTag’s battery, then pressing and holding the battery until you hear the AirTag make a sound. This process should be repeated four more times, followed by placing the cover over the battery, pressing and holding until the sound is heard for the sixth time, then rotating the cover to secure it in place.

It’s important to note that an AirTag cannot be reset until it’s removed from the current user’s Find My item list. This ensures a lost or stolen AirTag can’t be reset and reused without the owner’s permission. Third-party products that work with Apple’s Find My network may have different reset methods, but removing any of these devices from the item list associated with an Apple ID should be the same. While not an ideal way to share an AirTag, removing and resetting does allow the owner to gift and resell an AirTag and other Find My compatible devices without too much hassle.

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