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How To Unlock New Gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Equipping new gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League will completely change how each character performs. More gear can be unlocked by spending coins.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the latest entry in the Mario Strikers series, and unlocking new gear is one of the significant ways that the game has changed. New gear can be equipped on every character in the game, and there are six sets of equipment that can be worn by each character to improve their stats. Sports-inspired Mario games typically have different characters with different strengths, and Mario Strikers: Battle improves upon this idea by allowing the gear to affect each character’s individual stats.

Unlocking new and equipping new gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League is how players will be able to create the best builds in the game. For example, the best Princess Peach build in Mario Strikers: Battle League includes a Trick Helmet, Bushido Bracers, Trick Pad, and Trick Boots. When combined, this improves Peach’s Technique skills but decreases her Strength, Shooting, Passing, and Speed. While the changes may seem too harsh to justify using the equipment, this specific gear combination allows Peach to become the ultimate playmaker for any team that the character is used on.


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From the beginning of Mario Strikers: Battle League, all characters will be unlocked, and five of the six sets of gear will be available to buy for each character as well. While every character has access to the same set of gear as well, purchasing one gear piece on a character will not unlock it for them all. For example, even if players buy the Trick Helmet for Princess Peach they’ll still need to buy it for their Waluigi build in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League – How To Unlock New Gear Quickly

Mario Strikers: Battle League - How To Unlock New Gear Quickly

The fastest way to unlock new gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League is by playing the game on Galactic Mode and winning more matches. Doing so will allow players to earn as many coins as possible, which can then be used to buy every piece of gear on every character. Whole sets can’t be purchased at once, so it’s best that players buy the pieces they want for their most played characters first, and then complete the rest of the set for all characters afterward.

Additionally, the final collection of gear called the Bushido Set can be unlocked after all Cup Battles on Normal Difficulty have been completed. Until then, players will only see a hidden set of gear available for each character. Likewise, the Galatic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League will be unlocked after completing every Cup Battle on Normal as well, giving players an opportunity to earn more coins for each set in the game.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League is available for Nintendo Switch.

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