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How To Unlock The Weapon Shop in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

When battling the monsters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, players will want to unlock the Weapon Shop to purchase powerful weapons to smite their foes.

Early in CJ’s adventure in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, players will gain access to the Weapon Shop. Unlike many entries in the RPG genre, weapons in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising are more than just stat sticks. It is essential that players upgrade their weapons as they progress through the game, which requires the player to unlock the Weapon Shop.

What makes Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising‘s weapon system unique also increases the importance of players keeping their gear upgraded. More powerful versions of weapons can also come with new abilities for the character. A pair of axes that deal more damage is a welcome upgrade in any RPG, but Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising leans more heavily into its weapon system. For example, CJ’s first upgrade to her axes increases her 2-hit standing combo into a fast 4-hit attack combo.


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The increase in both stats and capabilities makes gathering crafting materials an important exercise in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Players will be able to turn these crafting materials into Bertrand’s Weapon Shop for constant increases in their character’s capabilities. This turns  Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising‘s item system into an important part of character progression, adding more for the player to master as they control CJ in her quest. Only by crafting the best weapons can players hope to be able to defeat Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising‘s toughest foes.

How to Unlock Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising’s Weapon Shop

Players looking to unlock Bertrand’s new weapon shop will be able to do so after unlocking the Smithy in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. During the main questline of the game, players will be tasked with aiding a man named Bertrand. Bertrand’s quest is very simple, he wishes to open up a Weapon Shop in town but requires the official approval of Isha, the Acting Mayor. Unfortunately for Bertrand, his mannerisms scared off the acting mayor, causing her to pretend to be busy so she doesn’t need to interact with him.

Bertrand will task the player with finding Isha in town. Because Isha is intentionally making herself scarce, players will not find her in her usual location. Instead, players will find the acting mayor in the Residential District Interior, located inside of the Residential District. After informing Isha of Bertrand’s request, they can immediately return to Bertrand’s original location to complete the quest. Completion of this quest will net players with an upgradable Weapon Shop and a fancy stamp to add to CJ’s growing collection. Players will then be able to buy their first upgrade, setting them on the path to success in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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