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Impressive Death Stranding Cosplay Recreates The Whole Game

A Japan-based production studio, Rescue the Princess!, recently uploaded a Death Stranding cosplay that looks to evoke the entire game.

A Japan-based production studio called Rescue the Princess! recently uploaded a video that recreates the 2019 Kojima Productions action game, Death Stranding. A new version of the game, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, is arriving this month, enabling the title to reenter the current gaming zeitgeist.

According to Hideo Kojima himself, a major character in Death Stranding isn’t tangible: it is the idea of the unknown, and its accompanying stressors and anxieties. The director recently took to Twitter to describe how Death Stranding’s post-apocalyptic setting fosters fear through inadvertent ignorance and unanswered questions. The game’s physical world promotes this theory of fear through the unknown, seeing as it appears to be constantly shrouded in a layer of darkness and haze – not to mention, riddled with terrifying creatures, as well.

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Rescue the Princess! (via Kotaku) evoked Death Stranding’s unique atmosphere and aesthetic in a recent video. The video begins with a Sam Bridges cosplayer waking up on a dark, shadowy beach surrounded by washed-up fish. As the video progresses, notable elements from the game are included: Bridges’ cosplayer is seen clad in the protagonist’s distinctive porter get-up as they traverse uneven terrain, a Death Stranding BT is encountered and defeated, and the montage ends with a rendition of the in-game “Delivery Completed!” screen. It appears the video was created in celebration of the channel’s recent award, a YouTube Silver Creator Award, which is given to channels that surpass 100,000 subscribers.

The production studio is based in Japan, and Kotaku revealed that the video was filmed entirely on Izu Oshima, a volcanic island off the coast near Tokyo. The specific location is not specified; however, it is likely the video took place along the sea at Sa-no-hama, a beach with black sand. The black sand is visually reminiscent of Death Stranding’s post-apocalyptic United States, and this imagery is only further reinforced by the cosplay video’s hazy, overcast sky.

Even without the added visual effects and accurate costuming, this Death Stranding cosplay is a close lookalike to the game of its origin. The eerie techno music certainly helps, but this production checks even more boxes. Its success seems to lie in its ability to evoke the Kojima title’s atmosphere and uncertainty; all of which go beyond the cosplay’s physical aesthetics. Hopefully, Kojima himself gets a chance to see this at some point.

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Source: Rescue the Princess!/YouTube, Kotaku

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