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Jamie Foxx & Dave Franco Interview: Day Shift

Jamie Foxx is reuniting with Netflix for a horror-comedy with a John Wick flavor in Day Shift. Foxx stars as Bud, a blue-collar father who secretly works as a vampire hunter in the San Fernando Valley who must rack up enough kills in three days to keep his estranged wife and daughter from moving to Florida.

Alongside Foxx, the ensemble cast for Day Shift includes Snoop Dogg, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, Oliver Masucci, C.S. Lee, Eric Lange and Zion Broadnax.


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In anticipation of the film’s arrival, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with stars Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco to discuss Day Shift, building their comedic chemistry, sequel ideas and more.

Screen Rant: So I gotta say Day Shift was a lot of fun, I love the comedy, I love the action, the horror elements, all of it. Dave, if you want to start, then Jamie, what was it about it that made you want to be a part of it?

Dave Franco: Yeah, so many things. This guy was the biggest reason, I love Jamie Foxx, I love this man. I knew it would be fun, but he just he surpassed all expectations, he is the most giving actor I’ve ever worked with in my life. I’m not just saying that, he wants everyone around him to be great and he creates this energy, he comes in, he’s playing music every day, he’s hyping everyone up and he just makes us feel safe. When you feel safe and comfortable, you do your best work, you’re taking risks.

Then on top of that, our director, J.J. Perry, this is technically his directorial debut, but he’s been working in the business for a long, long time shooting second unit for the John Wick series and Fast and Furious too. So when it comes to action, he’s a genius, and so he pitched this as basically John Wick with vampires, essentially. But it’s that level of action, and for me, I played sports my whole life and to be able to use some of those abilities towards acting, that’s when I’m having the most fun.

Jamie Foxx: Let me tell you something, something about this young man. First of all, J.J. Perry pitched this, I thought it was amazing and he showed me the pre-vis of the action sequence of me with the grandmother. I was saying earlier that our trailer did 30 million views in less than 24 hours, simply because when you see me pull the shotgun and blow that old white grandmother through the kitchen and she hits her head and all that and she gets to doing [evil], people go crazy.

Second part of it is this, I said, “J.J., the only way I could do this movie is we get this guy, this comic technician, Dave Franco.” I am a comic snob, I do not laugh at everything and everybody. I may laugh, but like, “Ha ha, that was easy.” But sometimes people make me laugh and go, “Man he clicked, he got that thing.” So I said, “When we get with him, I think it’s gonna be great,” because he brought so much to everything. Everything that you saw in the film with that comedy, he ad-libbed those moments, and we used them all. It’s great to see his artistic fruits of labor be celebrated.

We get a chance to watch people watch it in the theater, which it’s actually going to be on streaming, but on the theater, the thing was cracking to and people are laughing out loud to this man’s genius. So I’m the proud big brother saying that I placed him in an incredible, one-of-a-kind movie and hopefully we’ll get the chance to strap it up and do it again.

Dave Franco: You’re the reason I’m here, though, artistic fruits of labor! [Chuckles]

Jamie Foxx: Artistic fruits of labor.

Since you mentioned that, Jamie, before I go, I did want to ask, this world just feels so open for future stories, have you both heard any word or talks with J.J. about coming back?

Dave Franco: We’re talking about it, we’ve got ideas.

Jamie Foxx: We talked last night about it and we got some great ideas. It’s not always normal for Netflix to do part twos, they don’t always do it, but we feel like with this one, we got a great chance on how everybody’s responding to it already. They’re responding to the trailer, they’re responding in the screenings and things like that. And it’s fun, you know what I’m saying, so I think we’ll definitely try to make it happen and I think if they do, it’ll be even better.

Dave Franco: We’ve got a good title, we got Night Shift followed by Graveyard Shift, trilogy, baby! [Laughs]

Day Shift Synopsis

Jamie Foxx stars as a hard working blue collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted daughter, but his mundane San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income, hunting and killing vampires as part of an international Union of vampire hunters.

Check back soon for the rest of our interviews with the cast and crew of Day Shift.

Day Shift is now streaming on Netflix.

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