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Jenna Ortega Questions Her Reality In American Carnage [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip from new thriller-comedy American Carnage, starring Jenna Ortega as an undocumented teen trapped in a nursing home.

Screen Rant can exclusively present a clip from the new thriller-comedy American Carnage, which arrives in theaters as well as on Demand and digital July 15 from Saban Films. Directed by Diego Hallivis (who produced The Devil Below) and co-written by him and his brother Julio Hallivis, the new movie is a fantastical take on the all-too-real cruelty of separation camps that have recently alienated Latin American families from each other.

In a world where the state’s governor issues an executive order to have the children of undocumented immigrants arrested, a group of teenagers in captivity are given the chance to have their imaginary charges dropped in exchange for their work at an elderly care facility. While the deal seems too good to pass up, things change for the weird and the worst when the group realizes that the supervisor at their new location is plotting something terrible with the governor and no one at the facility is safe.


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In Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip, provided by Saban Films, Camila (Jenna Ortega, who was the breakout star of the most recent Scream) shares how she can no longer remember what happened after she and her friends spent time at the pool. Not only is she overheating while only in scrubs, but there is a strange and ugly mark on her neck like she might have been sedated with a needle. Check out the clip from American Carnage through the embedded video below, or by clicking the link:

(Watch the full video on YouTube.)

While the teenagers cannot fully remember what has been done to them, the important thing is that they are fully aware something has been done. Armed with this knowledge, they will hopefully be able to band together and fight back before it’s too late. The recently released trailer showcases how the kids were originally taken and roped into the plan that led to the care home. While it naturally does not reveal the conclusion, American Carnage clearly hopes to shed light on how the most vulnerable in society are often treated.

Aside from up-and-coming Scream Queen Jenna Ortega (whose incredible year is soon to include Netflix’s Addams Family spinoff, Wednesday), American Carnage also stars Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Spider-Man: Far From Home) as JP, Allen Maldonado (Black-ish) as Big Mac, Eric Dane (Euphoria) as Eddie, Bella Ortiz as Micah, and Jorge Diaz as Chris.

American Carnage Key Art

Saban Films had made a splash with its selection of thrillers, mysteries and cerebral horror films in 2022. Starting with The Legend of La Llorona in January, other Saban releases this year include psychological thriller Chariot, spy drama Agent Game, action thriller There Are No Saints,   sci-fi horror film Cryoand the politically dystopian Deep in The ForestAmerican Carnage, which will be out later this month, has a runtime of 100 minutes and is rated R.

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American Carnage releases in theaters July 15, as well as On Demand and digital.

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