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Jensen Ackles Refused To Do One Specific Scene In The Boys Season 3

Actor Jensen Ackles who plays Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 says there was one scene he could not bring himself to do in the series.

Actor Jensen Ackles says he refused to do one specific scene in The Boys season 3. Ackles plays Soldier Boy in the latest season of the hit Prime Video show, which is his first TV role since ending his long run on CW’s Supernatural. Soldier Boy is a key character in The Boys comic-book series, although his origin and look will take on a different shape for the series while still retaining some of the main qualities of his presence in that universe. The Boys showrunner is Eric Kripke, who worked with Ackles when they were both working on Supernatural, which led to a chance phone call that got him the part of Soldier Boy.


Soldier Boy’s origin in The Boys comics was as the leader of Payback, the precursor superhero team to The Seven. The character is modeled as a parody take on Marvel’s Captain America, focusing on a more extreme take on the character within the world of The Boys. Soldier Boy has been teased throughout The Boys seasons 1 & 2, but The Boys season 3 will be his first full appearance, which promises to upset the balance for The Seven, as well as Billy Butcher and his crew of supe vigilantes.

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Ackles was excited to take on the role of Soldier Boy for The Boys season 3, but even he had his limits to the raunchy, violent debauchery that has made the show so popular. Both Ackles and Kripke recall a phone call (via EW) in which Ackles expressed that he could not do a particular scene in one of the scripts he was sent, saying, “As a father of three, and a son and a husband and a self-respecting human being, I can’t do this. I didn’t know where my line was, but you found it.” Neither Ackles nor Kripke would reveal what the scene was, only that they eventually found a middle ground for the scene. “We worked out a compromise where I got what I needed without him destroying his soul,” said Kripke.

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys

Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher on the show, said that Ackles’s refusal of the material was a good sign. “When Jensen Ackles is making calls like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’ that’s when you know you’re in the right place,” Urban said. Ackles previously commented on working on the much-anticipated “Herogasm” episode of The Boys season 3, saying it left the crew “traumatized.” Pushing the limits has been at the forefront of The Boys‘ appeal since it debuted, and it continued to move the goalposts well into the second season. With the show now at its height of popularity, it’s expected that The Boys season 3 will keep up the trend.

The Boys season 3 sounds like it’s well on its way to riding the hype wave, capitalizing on what fans love from the comics while delivering a new take on the material that honors the origins, but keeps fans surprised. In an era when much of the superhero shows are being sanitized by social norms, shows like The Boys (and HBO Max’s Peacemaker) are bucking the trend of making superhero shows just for kids. However, even as those limits get pushed, even the actors embodying the characters can find themselves at a moral crossroads, which is an excellent sign that The Boys season 3 hasn’t lost its boundary-pushing edge, which is undoubtedly what everyone will be tuning in to see when it debuts on Prime Video on June 3rd, 2022.

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Source: EW

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