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John Wick’s Top 20 Weapons, Ranked

Since the character’s debut in 2014, John Wick has quickly become one of the most popular action-movie characters of all time. Throughout the three John Wick movies that have debuted in theaters so far, the titular assassin has used a wide variety of weapons to kill off his enemies, and he doesn’t just stick to guns, either.

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Many of these weapons are incredibly powerful, while others are only deadly because they’re being used personally by John Wick, who is a master when it comes to thinking outside of the box. Whether it’s a high-powered assault rifle or a simple pencil, nobody is quite safe when John Wick wields these weapons.

Updated on December 29th, 2021 by Derek Draven: There are a few more weapons that deserve a special mention for their notoriety in the John Wick films. With the recently announced fourth chapter in the franchise debuting in 2023, fans have been speculating as to what kinds of weapons the titular assassin will be showing off to dispatch his enemies. The level of creativity that goes into the films is a surefire indicator that John Wick will be expanding his toolset to include the latest and deadliest weapons, and possibly some household items that he can use to end the lives of those who cross him.

19 DTA Stealth Recon Scout (John Wick)

John Wick wields this powerful weapon like a sniper rifle in the first film, and it’s remarkably capable. It entered production in 2007, courtesy of Desert Tactical Arms, and has been featured in several movies, TV shows, and video games, due to its excellent quality and intimidating looks.

This bolt-action sniper rifle is one of the few to feature a bullpup design, making it very compact in comparison to others in its class. Both magazine and bolt lay behind the grip, shifting more weight to the rear of the rifle to create a better balance. Its primary cartridge is a .338 Lapua Magnum, but the rifle is capable of firing Creedmoor, .308 and .300 Winchester rounds. It can also be attached with a suppressor.

18 SIG-Sauer P320 (John Wick: Chapter 2)

SIG-Sauer is renowned for making incredibly reliable guns, and the P320 is no exception. John Wick gets a hold of a few before his showdown with Ares in the second film, where he demonstrates their exceptional shot quality, and reliability.

The P320 handles a variety of calibers and was designed to be ambidextrous. In fact, the P320 is so good that law enforcement agencies around the world have begun outfitting their forces with them as standard issue sidearms.


17 Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

Winston gifts this pistol to Wick in the third chapter, during the scene in the Executive Lounge. It’s a gun that has seen a lot of service as a U.S. military sidearm, beginning with its initial production in 1903.

Simplistic, stylish, and reliable, the Colt 1903 was powerful enough to do its task, though it was a bit on the heavy side, and its stopping power has since been dwarfed by its successors. Nevertheless, it is considered a classic, particularly the film version, thanks to its good-looking pearl grip.

16 TTI STI 2011 Combat Master (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

The Continental Shootout scene in the third film shows Wick pulling out the gritty-looking Taran Tactical Combat Master, a 9mm pistol with a 22 round capacity and a stippled grip, along with some of the harshest edges ever seen in a handgun.

The gun is renowned for being quite easy to shoot and very easy to use. It’s also one of the more expensive handguns on the market at approximately $5,000 dollars, which is a hard pill to swallow, even for weapons enthusiasts.

15 Walther CCP (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

John Wick kills a motorcycle assassin

John Wick is used to taking away other people’s guns, and using them against them, particularly if he’s the target. He does this again in the third chapter when an assassin tries to take him out with a Walther CCP, fitted with a compensator. He later uses the weapon during the motorcycle chase scene.

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The CCP fires 9x19mm Parabellum or .380 ACP rounds from an 8-round magazine, and weighs just 1.4 lbs, making it lightweight, and easy to carry. It comes in multiple versions, including a stainless steel “duotone” version, which is featured in the film.

14 Glock 26 (John Wick)

John Wick firing at enemies in a club

One of the simpler guns in the franchise, John has used the Glock 26 in all three movies. While it appears to be quite basic, it is one of Wick’s personal favorites, which is not good for anyone who might happen to find themselves on the other end of the barrel.

The most memorable scene that John Wick used this Glock in was the bathhouse scene from the first movie, which made it one of the best movies for fans of action movie fight choreography. Chasing down the man that killed his beloved dog, Wick killed over a dozen henchmen, mostly with this weapon.

13 Remington 1875 (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

For all the advancements made in gun designs over the last few hundred years, it’s hard to beat the classics. John Wick: Chapter 3 features the killer brandishing one of these during the shootout at the antique weapon museum, in the first act.

Wick’s on-the-fly modification of the Remington 1875 is a direct nod to the Clint Eastwood classic The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, where Tuco assembles his own Colt Navy from the individual parts of three separate guns.

12 Kimber Warrior (John Wick: Chapter 2)

John Wick checks a pistol

One of the guns that John Wick receives from his supplier in the second movie is the Kimber Warrior. Tearing through a large art exhibit, Wick expertly uses this handgun to take out a plethora of skilled and very well-armed gunmen.

Perhaps the coolest moment of the entire movie is when John Wick does a one-handed press check, after reloading the weapon in the middle of a firefight. The gun is essentially a customized 1911 based on the MCSOCOM ICQB, which makes the Warrior easier to field-strip.

11 TTI SIG-Sauer MPX Carbine (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

John Wick firing a machine gun

John Wick’s signature weapon stance is part of his character traits, and he shows it off when he wields an assortment of assault rifles. In the third film, he busts out an MPX Carbine during the fight at the New York Continental, equipped with an MRO sight and a laser module.

The MPX is a variant of the popular SIG-Sauer combine, which fires 9x19mm, .357 SIG, or .40 S&W rounds. The MPX features a 14.5″-16″ barrel, and can fire 10, 20 or 30-rounds, depending on the choice of magazine.

10 Heckler & Koch P30L (John Wick)

John Wick in a club shootout

The original John Wick set a high bar for action movies, thanks to its excellent use of “gun-fu” as a series trademark. The character’s original handgun of choice was the Heckler and Koch P30L. He has used this weapon in all three movies, and each time, it has a devastating effect on its victims. It’s one of the cooler looking weapons in his arsenal, primarily due to the hexagonal muzzle shape, giving it a more menacing look.

The P30L entered production in 2006 and is still being offered today. It fires .40 caliber S&W rounds with a maximum 13-shot capacity, and can also handle 9x19mm rounds in a 15 round mag. Wick’s uses the latter version of the weapon, possibly to stay in a firefight longer, without having to reload as much.

9 Coharie Arms CA-415 (John Wick)

John Wick holding an assault rifle

Luring his enemies to a church, Wick unloaded upon them with a very powerful automatic rifle known as the Coharie Arms CA-415. It’s one of the most effective tactical assault rifles on the market, with a menacing look to boot.

The CA-415 featured in the film has a shortened barrel, in comparison to the production model, with a holographic sight and a vertical grip added, for more stability. It fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds in either full-auto or semi-auto modes, depending on preference and tactical situation.

8 Kimber Solo CDP (John Wick: Chapter 2)

An assassin wielding a pistol in John Wick 2

This particular weapon wasn’t used by Wick himself, but another assassin out gunning for his blood. The female assassin in question hides a suppressed Kimber Solo CDP inside of her violin, in an attempt to stay blended in with her surroundings. That in itself is cool enough for special mention.

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The CDP is an easily concealed pistol with a very small frame and fires 9x19mm rounds with a 6-shot capacity. They are especially popular for people who desire personal protection at a size that is easy to conceal inside of a purse, or coat.

7 TTI TR-1 Ultralight (John Wick: Chapter 2)

John Wick analyzing an assault rifle

In John Wick: Chapter 2, there is a great scene where John is forced to fight off several enemies in an underground catacomb. Knowing this battle was going to happen beforehand, the experienced killer hid several weapons to prepare for his exfiltration.

Among these hidden weapons is the TR1, by Taran Tactical Innovations. The film version was fitted with a collapsible stock, a pistol grip with a vertical foregrip, and a PRI Compensator. Like many of Wick’s rifles, the TR1 is compact, easy to control, and devastating in tight quarters.

6 Kel-Tec KSG (John Wick)

John Wick firing a super shotgun

John uses this weapon in the first film after he takes one from an enemy during a battle outside the church. The Kel-Tec KSG is a modernized pump-action shotgun designed for maximum stopping power, with more refined stability and less chaotic recoil.

Despite its appearance, the KSG is not a double-barreled shotgun. Many people are mistaken due to the weapon’s twin tube magazines located underneath the barrel. It fires 12-gauge shotgun shells with several ammo capacity variants, depending on the version in question.

5 Smith & Wesson SW1911SC “E-Series” (John Wick: Chapter 2)

John Wick firing a suppressed pistol in John Wick 2

In the second film, John earns the ire of fellow assassin Cassian, one of the most dangerous criminals in the John Wick films. The two square off against each other in a subway, where Wick fires at him using an E-Series SW1911SC, which has been outfitted with a suppressor module.

The scene is humorous, as no silencer is capable of muffling the sound of gunshots to that extent, but it’s all done for the sake of dramatic style. The E-Series is Smith & Wesson’s line of SW1911 models based on the original Moses Browning design, and is available in an assortment of finishes, materials, and special features.

4 Benelli M2 Super 90 (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

The final battle of the third chapter starts out looking a little grim for the protagonists of the series. A large team of heavily-armed assassins is sent into the Continental Hotel to murder Wick, but when he starts shooting back at them, it is revealed that their armor is completely bulletproof.

John compensates by grabbing a Benelli M2 Super 90. It’s loaded with armor-piercing rounds that end up evening the score quite effectively. The M2 is a super shotgun available in either tactical or field model and fires 12-gauge shotgun shells in either 4, 5, or 7 capacity limits. It’s also semi-automatic, for easier use in combat.

3 A Pencil (John Wick: Chapter 2)

John Wick kills a guy with a pencil

“I once saw him kill three men in a bar… with a pencil, with a f***ing pencil.” This statement in the first film ended up foreshadowing his use of a simple pencil as a weapon in the next film. His utter relentlessness to survive and kill his enemies is defined by this classic tale.

Cornered by two assassins, John was left with few options, and grabbed the only weapon he could find nearby. Having had previous experience taking out three assailants with a pencil, he had little trouble replicating the effect for just two, even while suffering numerous wounds.

2 Knives (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum)

John Wick kills an assassin with a knife

When the ammo runs out, would-be assassins need to rely on whatever they can get their hands on. If there are no pencils lying about, Wick will fall back on knives, which are a trusted alternative. He’s exceptionally gifted with them, as evidenced by the battle in the antiques store in the first act of the third film.

Whether he’s using them as stabbing, or throwing weapons, Wick knows how to properly utilize knives in a fight. In the scene in question, he’s spoiled for choice. It’s one of the most tense battles of the franchise, with one of the goriest, and most gut-wrenching kills, as well.

1 The Car (John Wick: Chapter 2)

A guy beside John Wick's Mustang

The Bullitt Mustang is considered one of the best movie cars in history, but John Wick’s Mach 1 has yet to make that list. At the beginning of John Wick: Chapter 2, he finally got his prized car back. Unfortunately, it was guarded by a warehouse full of bad guys, which meant another fight, on top of what he’d already been forced to go through.

After finally getting it back, Wick used his famous Mustang to kill the henchmen in various brutal ways. By the time the scene was over, the car itself was quite a mess, leading many fans to speculate if it had been worth it in the first place.

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