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Justice League to Fight the Legion of Super-Heroes

This December, the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes will be facing off against each other for the first time in Justice League Annual #1.

This December, the Justice League will be on a collision course with the Legion of Super-Heroes in Justice League Annual #1. This epic conflict will be the Legion’s first meeting with the Justice League since the former was rebooted in 2019. The annual will be written by Brian Michael Bendis with art and cover by Sanford Greene.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of the most enduring concepts in the DC Universe. Comprised of a literal legion of super-powered teenagers, the Legion of Super-Heroes keeps the peace in the 31st century. In 2019, superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis, along with artist Ryan Sook, revamped the Legion, adding Superman’s son Jon Kent and giving classic characters such as Bouncing Boy and Brainiac 5 a facelift. Bendis also introduced a number of intriguing new characters, such as the Gold Lantern and a future incarnation of Doctor Fate. The run concluded late last year with the promise the Legion would return. After concluding his run on Legion of Super-Heroes, Bendis turned his attention to the Justice League, bringing together a powerful new roster, and in December’s Justice League Annual #1, he pits League against Legion.

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An article on Newsarama concerning DC’s December solicitations offers fans some intriguing glimpses of the annual. The book will see Wonder Woman return to active duty, after being sidelined with a quest of her own for most of the year, as well as the return of OMAC. Yet perhaps the most intriguing tidbit came with the revelation that the Justice League will meet the Legion of Super-Heroes, and the solicitation emphasized the teams will actually fight. The solicitation did not offer any more information, but the wording implies that Justice League Annual #1 will serve as a prelude to a larger event coming later.

As mentioned earlier, the solicitation was coy on what to expect from the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes forthcoming throw down, but it can be assumed that Bendis, who has shepherded both teams during his stint at DC, will be involved somehow. It was made clear the teams will fight—but what villain could bring them together in such a fashion? The Time Trapper? Mordru? Or someone else altogether? It is also worth noting that with a few exceptions, the heroes of the 21st century have not met this incarnation of the Legion.

It remains to be seen whether the two teams will eventually put aside their differences to fight a bigger threat. But since the Legion of Super-Heroes was rebooted two years ago, fans have been clamoring for them to meet the Justice League. It looks like readers will finally get their wish when the two teams come together for a showdown in December’s Justice League Annual #1.

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Source: Newsarama

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