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League of Legends’ New High Noon Skins Include the Best Samira Skin Yet

League of Legends has announced on Twitter five new additions to the classic High Noon skin line just before the release of patch 12.9.

The League of Legends Twitter account has revealed a new line of High Noon skins just ahead of their 12.9 patch release. The new skins feature the classic western design that players have come to expect from the long-running High Noon line, and should be welcome additions for fans.

Five other League of Legends champions – Varus, Talon, Katarina, Mordekaiser, and Leona – received new High Noon skins in late April. In addition to the five new High Noon skins, Talon is also set to receive an additional Prestige High Noon skin. Those skins will release with the upcoming patch 12.8 along with skins celebrating the last League of Legends World Championship team, China’s EDG. All of these skins have been available for players on the League of Legends public testing environment over the past several weeks, and players are excited to get their hands on the live versions.


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The official League of Legends Twitter posted a video showcasing the five new skins, which are going to Tahm Kench, Twitch, Samira, Sion, and Viktor. The video showed each champion’s new look and animations, along with the splash artwork of each of the five champions that will likely appear in their loading screen icons.  These new High Noon skins will be released onto the PBE ahead of their official release. Unlike with the last batch of High Noon skins, no champion will be receiving a prestige edition like Talon did. These skins should release to the live League of Legends server on the following patch, 12.10, which is set to release in mid-May.

Samira’s skin is the most welcome change as the wild west aesthetic fits well with her established gunslinger style. Sion’s new armor set is accompanied by a burning furnace that replaces the red hole in his stomach, while Tahm Kench’s tongue is now laced with flames and his top hat is replaced by a menacing cowboy one. The odd ones out are Viktor and Twitch, whose new designs take on a much darker and smokier look with lots of gray and blue coloring. Still, these skins are sure to draw many supporters.

With the High Noon skins being one of the longest-running skin themes in League of Legends, the roster is getting quite crowded, especially considering new champions just received brand new High Noon skins within the last month. There are many fans who are still hoping their favorite champions such as Fiddlesticks will finally receive some new skins after not receiving new duds for several years. There is also the champion Rell, who is still waiting for her first skin since her release back in 2020 and would seem to be a natural fit for the High Noon theme. Still, online fan reception seems to be largely positive, showing how well-loved the western-themed flair has become.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

Source: League of Legends/Twitter

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