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Lord Of The Rings: 10 Best Quotes About Hobbits

While fans are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Amazon series set in Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the original The Lord of the Rings trilogy still holds a place in many fans’ hearts for its memorable story and fantastical creatures.

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Hobbits become a central point of the trilogy, as their antics result in the salvation of Middle-Earth itself. Given their incredibly unique characteristics, characters often take the time to remark on the nature of hobbits themselves, resulting in several memorable quotes regarding the furry-footed creatures.


Little Folk

“Hobbits Must Seem Of Little Importance. They Are Neither Renowned As Great Warriors, Nor Counted Among The Very Wise.” – Bilbo

Bilbo Baggins leaving the Shire in The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

In the chapter of his book “Concerning Hobbits,” Bilbo Baggins explains that his kind tends not to be viewed as particularly important when it comes to matters of historical significance, as they are ordinary folk when it comes to traits that many “big folk” find to be important.

Though hobbits seem to have little power compared to other races in Middle-Earth, they would prove to be the most important race in history. It is hobbits that dictated the course of Middle-Earth’s future, not through valor in battle, nor through wisdom, but through the goodness of their hearts.

Evil Times

“But We Have No Songs For Great Halls And… Evil Times.” – Pippin

When brought before Denethor in Return of the King, Peregrine Took is asked to sing a song while dinner is being served. However, Pippin replies that hobbits have no songs for such dark days as they were then facing, as war rages just outside Minas Tirith.

Though initially played for laughs, Pippin’s character arc throughout the third film saw him take on more heroic qualities, culminating in his service to Denethor, where he acted as a voice of reason to a man whose good sense had left him, reminding the steward that dark times were no time for eating lavish meals and singing songs.

Hearty Folk

“One Thing I’ve Learned About Hobbits: They Are A Most Hearty Folk.” – Aragorn

Frodo and Aragorn Lord of the Rings

Though he began the trilogy as a protector of the hobbits within the Fellowship, Aragorn, came to respect his companions as being truly hearty in their own right. By the time that war descended on Middle-Earth, Aragorn found that his little friends had big hearts indeed.

This commendation on the part of the once and future king is particularly striking, as Aragorn himself is worthy of being King. If he held hobbits in such high regard, then so too should all people who dwell in Middle-Earth.

A Simple Life

“Where Our Hearts Truly Lie Is In Peace And Quiet And Good Tilled Earth. For All Hobbits Share A Love Of Things That Grow.” – Bilbo

Bilbo Baggins as seen in the Hobbit Trilogy

Bilbo certainly had a lot to say on the subject of hobbits. Though not everything he wrote about his own people was flattering, he also shares with his readers a clear love for the folk of the Shire, commending their inherent passion for the crops of the earth and everything that grows.

In a world so preoccupied with matters of power, the hobbits live a peaceful life, surrounding themselves with what makes them happy. Bilbo’s words remind others just how charming life in the Shire is, replacing the complexity of Middle-Earth with a simplicity unmatched throughout the world.

Many Meals

“What About Elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper?” – Pippin

lord of the rings

Hobbits have surprisingly large appetites, constantly snacking and preparing food for their next meal. Pippin is certainly a model hobbit when it comes to this stereotype, coming to a full panic when he realizes that Aragorn has not made provisions in their journey for the seven meals a day.

This line tells viewers all they need to know about hobbits, particularly that, despite constantly nibbling, they are never truly full. This exchange between Pippin and Merry has become a favorite scene for fans who are endlessly entertained by the appetite of their favorite hobbits.

I Want To Help

“I’m A Hobbit. I Know I Can’t Save Middle Earth. I Just Want To Help My Friends.” – Merry

Merry Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings

Though the hobbits prove to be some of the bravest members of the Fellowship, not all warriors of Middle-Earth appreciated their boldness. When Merry offered to aid Rohan as they rode to war, he was ordered to abstain from the battle, prompting the hobbit to wax poetic about his desire to help his friends.

While it was true that Merry did not offer the same fierceness in battle that most men of Rohan did, he proves in this statement that he would be a worthy warrior–not for his fierceness, but for his heart. Merry did not wish to see battle for the glory but because it would be a way to help his friends. In the end, the young hobbit did indeed fight for Rohan, assisting in the defeat of the Witch-King himself.

Small Bodies, Big Bellies

Merry: “How Many Did You Eat?”

Pippin: “Four.”

Lembas in Lord of the Rings

Upon embarking on their quest to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom, Legolas reveals that they have been given Elvish Lembas bread to nourish them on their journey. He remarks that a small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man, not realizing that the small hobbit Pippin had already eaten four entire morsels himself.

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Hobbits may not have the skill of elves, the power of men, or the might of dwarves, but they have their own qualities that no other race in Middle-Earth can match: the sheer size of their bellies. As Pippin and Merry prove, even Elvish bread cannot keep up with the appetite of a hobbit.

Size Matters Not

“Even The Smallest Person Can Change The Course Of The Future.” – Galadriel

Frodo and Sauron at the Mirror of Galadriel

Though many men and elves ignored hobbits, perceiving them as unimportant in the grand scheme of things, certain allies recognized the potential that these creatures had when it comes to saving the entire world. Galadriel was one such believer, remarking that even tiny people can alter the course of history.

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As all Lord of the Rings fans know, Galadriel was spot-on in her assertion that even hobbits could change the world. When the final battle was ended, it was thanks to the perseverance of several brave hobbits that the side of light had won.

Hobbit Passions

“It Has Been Remarked By Some That Hobbits’ Only Real Passion Is For Food. A Rather Unfair Observation, As We Have Also Developed A Keen Interest In The Brewing Of Ales And The Smoking Of Pipeweed.” – Bilbo

The sharpness of Bilbo Baggins’s tongue never disappoints, especially when he is writing about his own people. The elderly hobbit puts to rest the stereotype that hobbits only care for food, reminding his readers that they are also quite fond of pipeweed and alcohol.

Despite the sly jab at his kin, it is clear that Bilbo thought highly of certain hobbits, including his nephew Frodo Baggins whose endlessly loyalty to his friends proved that there is much more to some hobbits than the passing pleasures of life.

Amazing Creatures

“Hobbits Are Amazing Creatures. You Can Learn All There Is To Know About Their Ways In A Month, And Yet After A Hundred Years, They Can Still Surprise You.” – Gandalf

Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins Ian McKellen as Gandalf The Shire Fellowship of the Ring

If anyone knew hobbits, it was Gandalf the wizard. Having spent many days with the little folk, Gandalf often felt that he knew everything there was to know about his beloved halflings. However, as the wizard later remarked, no one ever truly knows what to expect from a hobbit.

This statement proved to be accurate on a number of levels, as hobbits consistently surprised the races of men throughout the trilogy with their tenacity and bravery. Despite being incredibly simple folk, hobbits are indeed capable of far more than anyone gives them credit for.

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