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Love Is Blind: 10 Best Quotes From The Netflix Series

The “social experiment” Love Is Blind was a success, as it seemed like everyone excitedly watched the reality show as soon it was released on Netflix in February 2020. While the reunion episode and the three-part special After The Altar helped fans catch up on what had happened since filming, season 1’s 10 episodes provided plenty of dramatic scenes and bold statements.

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From Jessica Batten sharing her thoughts on her younger fiance to some of the things that the hosts had to say, season 1 of Love Is Blind has many memorable quotes that fans are still thinking about.

10 “I’m obviously Nick Lachey.”

When fans started watching Love Is Blind, they heard from the hosts, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, and when Nick introduced himself, he made viewers laugh, whether intentional or not.

This ended up being a perfect way to introduce the show, as these episodes were a mix of fun and wild. While the cast members did feel real emotional connections and they put their hearts and souls into the situation, some of the funny quotes can’t be ignored.

9 “When I heard about this experiment, I knew it was for me. It was the opposite of what modern dating has become.”

Matt Thomas Love Is Blind

Not everyone who appeared on the show got engaged, and in the opening scene of the first episode “Is Love Blind?” cast member Matt Thomas shared this thoughts on why he joined the show.

Since this was a totally new way of dating, the Love Is Blind cast followed rules, including talking in the pods and never seeing each other’s faces until they had actually decided to marry each other. Matt’s quote is memorable and important, as it sums up the theme of the show: trying to form a genuine bond with someone before letting physical attraction come into the picture.

8 “My favorite was Barnett. He made me laugh so much.”

Amber Pike is one of the most famous cast members as she and Matt Barnett went through with their wedding and are still together. When chatting with the other women who were part of the experiment in the pods, she said that she loved talking to Barnett and felt that there was something special about him.

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Now that Amber and Barnett have been married for just over two years, it’s sweet to look back on her early comments, as she felt that talking to him felt so different from her other dating experiences. Amber’s quote also created some drama as Jessica also wanted to be with Barnett and felt that they had connected.

7 “Love is so blind, I’m marrying a 24 year old.”

Jessica became famous for talking about getting engaged to Mark Cuevas, who was ten years younger. Her quote from episode 3 called “First Night Together” stands out, as it was an early sign that she would continue to focus on her age.

While there were moments when Jessica and Mark seemed to really like each other, they did fight over the age gap, with Jessica believing that this would always be a problem. Jessica’s quote is perfectly funny and dramatic as she mentioned the show title while sharing that she was unsure about being with Mark.

6 “If Barnett and I continued our relationship outside of the pod, you would see a totally different Barnett…”

While fans debated Barnett and Amber’s romance, it was clear that they were both thrilled to have found each other and would likely say yes at the altar. Jessica had her own opinion in the season 5 episode “Last Night in Paradise.”

Fans definitely cringed a bit when Jessica said that Barnett would be better off with her, saying that he would be”introspective” and “sophisticated, holding himself high” and the “opposite” of his behavior with Amber. This felt mean and petty, as she had wanted Barnett to propose to her in the pods, but he said that he was choosing Amber.

5 “In the pods, you guys all built an amazing foundation.”

While the hosts didn’t appear a lot in season 1 of Love Is Blind, Vanessa Lachey said this quote in the season 6  episode “Moving In Together.”

Whenever Nick and Vanessa spoke to the engaged couples, it felt like they were hammering home the theme of the reality show, and with her statement, Vanessa explained that the point was to share a lot in the pods and then move forward with a successful marriage. Viewers wondered if it was possible to feel that strongly about someone in just a few weeks.

4 “So I’m just trying to listen to myself and my heart, and my mind at the same time.”

Cameron and Lauren on a date in a cottage on Love is Blind

Lauren and Cameron’s best Love Is Blind moments made fans really happy and in episode 6, Lauren Speed shared that she was feeling emotional about all of the changes in her life.

Lauren was honest about feeling hesitant to move out of her apartment and she was amazed at how quickly her life was moving in a new direction. While fans could tell that she and Cameron loved each other and had a great connection, it made sense that she had a lot of thoughts and questions.

3 “Mark is very emotionally available. To me it’s a bit of a red flag.”

Love is Blind Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

As the show went on, Jessica asked Mark how he would really feel if they got married and had children, as she would always be a decade older than him. In episode 6, Jessica shared that she thought that Mark was too in touch with his feelings, adding, “It’s like we’re watching an experiment on Discovery Channel.”

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When fans watched this scene, they thought Jessica was being too harsh as Mark wanted to start a family and seemed to love her. In the Netflix special After The Altar, viewers learned more details, such as Lauren/LC Chamblin dating Mark after the show and sharing that he cheated on her. Fans definitely didn’t love hearing about this behavior.

2 “We tend to fantasize our fairly tale weddings and our fairy tale Prince Charming.”

Love Is Blind Kelly Kenny

Fans knew that the season 1 finale would be wild, as it would finally be clear who said yes and who went their separate ways. Viewers learned major details during the big reveals from the Love Is Blind reunion, but in episode 10, fans found out that Kelly Chase said no to Kenny Barnes.

Before walking down the aisle, Kelly explained that she wasn’t certain that she was “100 percent in love,” a vibe that viewers had gotten in the previous episodes. Kelly’s quote stands out since she was explaining what so many people feel: that the struggles of dating will all be worth it when they finally find that person and have a magical wedding day.

1 “For some people, love might be blind, but for me it’s definitely not. It’s a mixture of mind, body, and soul, and I never got there.”

Love Is Blind Jessica Batten

While some of Jessica’s statements and actions weren’t that popular on season 1 of Love Is Blind, she did seem relatable when she talked about wanting to feel totally and completely in love.

After turning Mark down on their wedding day, Jessica explained that she wanted to feel a certain way, and while she tried to make it work, she just didn’t feel that way with Mark. Jessica recently shared her engagement, so fans are glad that she has found her happy ending.

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