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Married At First Sight: Fans Think Alyssa Wanted To Stay On Season 14

Alyssa ended her relationship early in Married At First Sight season 14. Fans think Alyssa tried to stay on Married At First Sight after her divorce.

Even though Alyssa had one of the most disastrous relationships in recent Married At First Sight memory, fans think the unpopular wife was reluctant to conclude her season 14 story. Alyssa was accused of giving up on her marriage within minutes of meeting her arranged husband, Chris, but viewers don’t think the former wife was eager to let her time on Married At First Sight end. From her frequent stay in her friends’ apartments to her fellow cast members calling her clingy, here’s why Married At First Sight fans think Alyssa wanted to stay on season 14.

Alyssa quickly established herself as Married At First Sight season 14’s villain thanks to her harsh disinterest in Chris. Viewers assessed that Alyssa was disappointed with Chris’ looks on their wedding night and shut down when she realized the position she put herself in by signing up for Married At First Sight. Throughout their honeymoon, Alyssa refused to spend time with Chris and did her best to come off as a victim. Alyssa argued that she tried to make her marriage work by staying on the honeymoon, but the ex-wife’s critics think Alyssa really just didn’t want to go back to Boston before she had to. Even after their divorce, fans think Alyssa wanted to stay on Married At First Sight season 14.


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Regrettably, the couple’s calamitous honeymoon was proof enough that Alyssa and Chris had no chance of making their marriage last for the rest of Married At First Sight season 14. As soon as the newlyweds returned to Boston, Pastor Cal visited Alyssa and Chris for an impromptu Decision Day. Sadly, both Chris and Alyssa agreed that they would not be able to survive the rest of season 14 together. Although viewers expected Alyssa to be relieved she didn’t have to follow through with the full season she committed to, the rest of the season 14 cast shared that Alyssa wasn’t quick to let go of her Married At First Sight experience. After watching the cast discuss Alyssa on Married At First Sight: Afterparty, a Reddit user noted, “Alyssa comes over to the apartments ‘all the time??’… She really, really must want to be on TV.”

Alyssa in Married At First Sight

Even though Alyssa had a short-lived run in Married At First Sight season 14, fans claim that the infamous wife got as much out of her journey on reality TV as she could. For example, fans think Alyssa tolerated Chris on their honeymoon because she wanted to maintain her status as a cast member while enjoying her luxurious getaway. Apparently, Alyssa continued this trend by sticking around the season 14 cast members’ apartments even after she called for an early Decision Day. Despite no longer being in Married At First Sight, fans think Alyssa wanted to stay on season 14 because she clung to the remaining newlyweds. Another fan recalled that on Afterparty, “Even [Olajuwon] was feeling like Alyssa was a stage 5 clinger.” Fans think Alyssa remained close to her former castmates because she didn’t want to give up her role in Married At First Sight so quickly.

Alyssa was quick to give up on her relationship with Chris in Married At First Sight season 14, but that doesn’t mean Alyssa was ready to retire from her role as a reality TV star. From her habit of hanging around the cast’s apartments to Olajuwon identifying her as clingy, fans think Alyssa wanted to stay on Married At First Sight season 14 even after her divorce. While she might not return to season 14, Alyssa won’t be forgotten by Married At First Sight fans any time soon.

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