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Massive Minecraft Ravager Build Has A Whole Base On Its Back

A member of the Minecraft community on Reddit has single-handedly designed a colossal Ravager and built their own intricate base on its back.

One Minecraft player has created a gigantic Ravager and built their own base on top of it. Base building has been one of the staples of Minecraft since the beginning, and player bases have become much more elaborate over time. While some bases take only a few hours to construct, others can take months or even years, like the bases that were part of a Minecraft world accidentally deleted after 2 years of work.

Bases aren’t the only things Minecraft players have been creating lately, either. One talented player made a full-size Republic Star Destroyer and placed it in the sky above their world. Another dug out their own Minecraft Hobbit hole in honor of The Fellowship of the Ring and the 20th anniversary of its film adaptation. Others have constructed a huge statue of Spider-Man‘s Doc Ock, and still others have turned axolotls into platypus mobs. Perhaps the most impressive recent build has been the Registan of Samarkand in Minecraft, which recreated Uzbekistan’s historic landmark using over 15 million individual blocks.


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Yet another great Minecraft creation comes from nayakura8080 on Reddit, who has sculpted a humongous Ravager to use as a platform for their base. The build includes an intricate house with its own bell on the back of the Ravager, connected to a multi-story watchtower with a giant diamond crossbow on top of the monster’s head. There’s also a custom flagpole, multiple sky gardens, and a large lift going up the side of the Ravager. The scale of it is massive, as nayakura8080 shows in their screenshots.

Minecraft Ravager Base Aerial View

The post is light on the specifics of the build, but the Ravager alone is big enough to tower above the caves and cliffs of Minecraft. However, nayakura8080 did say that it was made in Creative mode using the WorldEdit mod and a shader pack. Apparently, it only took them two weeks to complete this build in spite of its size and detail. Unfortunately, though, the Ravager doesn’t actually move and nayakura8080 has no plans to make it available through downloads; the different versions of the game make it difficult to convert the save file for distribution.

This Minecraft build has garnered a lot of interest and drawn favorable comparisons to the anime classic Howl’s Moving Castle, among other things. It’s a little disappointing that other players won’t be able to download it for themselves, but the idea is sure to inspire other builds like it. After all, the Minecraft community comes up with plenty of cool new creations to show off every week.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: nayakura8080/Reddit

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