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MCU: 10 Avengers As Pokémon Master

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness explores the multiverse, and fans can’t help but wonder how their world would be different if they lived in an alternate reality. In Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back, a group of teenagers gets sucked into a mirror dimension. Instead of limiting each series to itself, what if there was a world containing both supernaturally gifted heroes and Pokémon?

On the surface, the MCU and Pokémon don’t seem to have much in common besides their comic/manga origins. However, the two share some incredible battle scenes, journeys, and, most importantly, promote a sense of family among friends. While most fans are aware of both series individually, there is massive imaginative potential to combine the fandoms. Instead of only getting a 10-year-old’s perspective on training Pokémon and the bonds formed with them, seeing real heroes with these personal companions would be a real treat.


Iron Man

Iron Man's Pokemon Team

Tony Stark and subtlety are two words that seldom intersect; his Pokémon team has no ordinary finds. Blaziken is his ace Pokémon because it’s both physically and powerfully skilled. The liquid metal Hex Nut Pokémon transforms between portable Meltan into bulky Melmetal, just like Stark’s nanotech. Because his suit is equipped with rocket propellers, only Garchomp, the jet-like dragon type, can keep pace.

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Whenever his Iron Man suit needs a power boost, a zap from Rotom charges Tonyup on the fly. Metagross is an excellent addition because both the Pokemon and master are highly intelligent (the steel/psychic type has four brains)! Finally, Iron Man’s team isn’t complete without a flashy red Krookodile, preferably since it can rock Stark’s iconic shades.


Hulk's Pokemon Team

While Bruce Banner prefers to avoid mass destruction, he isn’t afraid to fight when he must, especially when he has his team. Although the Hulk is an imposing beast on his own, having additional muscle has everyone consider immediate surrender. Banner’s Rillaboom is as beefy as his gamma-ray alter ego. With Groudon and Tyranitar (gladiator-like Pokémon) as backups – “bouncers” – messing with the professor would be an ill-advised choice. 

However, Banner’s secret weapon is Meloetta, who helps soothe his team with her tunes. Also, Roserade is there with her “Grass Whistle” move to send opponents (and Hulk, in case of emergencies) straight to dreamland. Of course, Banner’s genius and passion for science are seen in the psychic type Reuniclus; they’re sure to outsmart whatever issues arise. 


Hulk's Pokemon Team

Even though Thor abdicated his throne, he still possesses all of his birthright might. He may not rule a country, but he is most worthy when serving those around him. What can a God of Thunder do without his lightning mouse sidekick, Pikachu?

This former king also deserves a regal Pokemon to guard his flank, and Solgaleo certainly fits the bill. Legendary Pokémon recognize other legends, so Raikou protects his master’s other side. Magnezone has no issue matching him bolt for bolt with Thor’s command over electric power. And, of course, this lovable Asgardian cannot be without his accessories; Bisharp is Thor’s second and equally powerful Stormbreaker. Samurott wields his trusty shell swords with the same mastery as Thor does his iconic hammer.

Captain America 

Captain America's Pokemon Team

Steve Rogers is his country’s hero; it’s only fitting that his Pokémon wear the colors he proudly represents. Blastoise has no problem breaking incoming attacks like waves upon the shore with its robust shell. That tortoise Pokemon may not have his master’s agility, but he more than compensates with powerful cannons that’ll blast its foes into submission. 

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Zamazenta is Captain America’s noble ally and evokes the Captain to honor his oath to protect others. Lucario and Growlithe are Roger’s loyal Pokemon who always help him fight on the ground, where they all showcase their tactical prowess. Meanwhile, the captain’s red, white, and blue Togekiss and Braviary patrol the air as the first layer of Roger’s stone-wall defense.

Black Widow

Black Widow's Pokemon Team

When she was just a child, Natasha Romanoff was stripped of her family, but her Pokémon prove that real families are those who love and care for each other, no matter the species. Black Widow’s favorite accessories are her batons; with Delfox’s wand, they make a formidable duo. As the phoenix Pokémon, Ho-Oh is the physical manifestation of Romanoff’s rise from depravity and switch to morality

Yet, transformation is still a helpful skill; her shape-shifting Zoroark makes gathering reconnaissance on enemies easier. Umbreon shows its strength in the dark, which lends well whenever Black Widow slinks around at night. Weavile and Mightyena show their devotion by highlighting their speed and force whenever she requires aid in combat.


Hawkeye's Pokemon Team

In the five years of the Vanished, Clint Barton turned into someone he should never have become. Despite his checked past, his loyal Decidueye remained by his side, helping him eliminate his targets. Yveltal is the physical manifestation of Barton’s alter-ego, Ronin, the ruthless agent of death

Another member of his is none other than the fire hawk Talonflame, who serves as his set of eyes from above. Espeon matches Hawkeye’s stealthy, cat-like disposition. Musharna, the purple-pink psychic-type Pokémon, eases Barton’s turbulent dreams. In the face of his darkness, Goodra is Barton’s foil – its gentle nature keeps its master from completely flying off the handle. Yet, it too can pack a mean punch when required.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch's Pokemon Team

Wanda Maximoff always seems to move from one crisis to another, so it’s no surprise that her Pokémon team must be as powerful as she to keep up with the persistent turmoil. Typhlosion has the muscle to back up Scarlet Witch’s abilities. Rapidash and is her stead, which she depends upon when galloping into the fray.

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She and Mewtwo harness immense power that is uncontrollable if they are not vigilant. For Maximoff, Uxie – the yellow sprite – reminds her of her true love. Gardevoir’s soothing presence wards off most conflicts between this passionate albeit chaotic group. And, Vivillon reminds her that there is always good around her, even if it’s sometimes tiny and fleeting.


Ant-Man's Pokemon Team

Genesect is the perfect partner for Ant-Man because it packs power to Lang’s cunning. Working in tandem compliments each other’s best skills. Obviously, Lang cannot claim to call himself a bug master without a Pokémon similar to his namesake; Durant and Beedrill are reliable switch-ins. Leafeon rounds out the group with its fast and tanky nature.


Spider-Man's Pokemon Team

When Peter Parker shoulders the neighborhood’s safety, he can use all the help he can get to maintain the peace. Greninja wields his Frubbles to catch foes and sticky fingers to leap between surfaces like Spider-Man. Where the frog pokemon represents Spider-Man’s power, Dragonite exemplifies his master’s gentle, friendly, and steadfast nature

Because Suicune is known for its protective nature, Spider-Man and the legendary dog would align for their common goals. Galvantula is Parker’s closest ally; they work in tandem to secure crime around the city with their spider-powers. Ambipom reminds Parker that he’s still a kid and encourages him to have fun by monkeying around. Boltund has been Parker’s devoted Pokémon ever since he lost everyone dear to him – he surely needs a companion.

Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange's Pokemon Team

Defending Earth against magical threats is a burden only Dr. Stephen Strange can truly handle. A wizard needs a Pokémon as mythical as he: Charizard may not be as devoted as Strange’s Cloak of Levitation, but it jealously guards its master. Since losing the time stone, Celebi visits the sorcerer to help him maintain a grip on time whenever he must call upon it.

Alakazam is Strange’s closest counterpart because both acknowledge their responsibilities and faithfully fulfill their duties without hesitation. They match each other’s powers, and together, no one matches their brains. Aegislash and Ninetales safeguard the world’s sanctums and its inhabitants, and Unknown casts enchantments as another layer to fortress its inhabitants. 

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