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MCU: 10 Best Memes That Sum Up The Doctor Strange Movies

A new outlook on the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be found in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which presents variants of the protagonist across the multiverse. The film has done great business at the box office with an opening night haul of $36 million, showing how much fan support there is.

To this end, fans have also come up with various memes to portray how they perceive the series. Both films have a certain style to them and carry distinct traits and features. From Doctor Strange’s failed romance with Christine to the way villains like Dormammu and Scarlet Witch behave, it’s hilarious to uncover the memes viewers feel puts the Doctor Strange movies in perfect context.


Stephen’s Knack For Falling In Love With Christine

Doctor Strange’s love for Christine has been the backbone of his characterization in his solo movies. The second film took this to greater heights by depicting every version of Doctor Strange as being in love with Christine, with the titular protagonist claiming this was true in every universe.

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This meme has taken a page out of Rachel McAdams’ role as Regina George in Mean Girls, where she asked the main character why she was so obsessed with her. It’s funny how this directly applies to the Doctor Strange series as well, seeing as all versions of the character can’t live without her.

Sums Up The Usual Events

There are multiple characters with incredible magical abilities in Doctor Strange films, which leaves little room for the casual observer to understand what’s going on. Since there’s so much entertainment to be found as well, few have any reason to complain regardless.

The first movie had weird elements like Doctor Strange’s journey into different realms, while the second turned this to a higher degree to make the hero travel through multiple universes. As far as fans are concerned, they’re just entertained with as much weirdness as they can consume.

The Famous Line

The original film has popularized the word “bargain” for every MCU fan because of how many times Doctor Strange repeated it. It came up during the interaction with Dormammu, against whom the hero used the Time Stone in order to loop their interactions.

Ever since then, anything with bargaining has caused a reaction among fans. This tweet pokes fun at this very practice, with the fan claiming the shop is designed for Doctor Strange viewers. While the second entry didn’t feature this aspect, “bargain” will forever remain associated with the movies.

The General Aesthetic Of A Doctor Strange Movie

Watching a Doctor Strange movie in dimensions like 3D and IMAX is going to leave a unique sensation for the viewer. This meme best exemplifies what it’s going to be like, with the picture showing a hallway that appears to be twisting all around.

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The Doctor Strange films have a lot of aspects like the splashing of colors, and contorting of screens, among others, leaving fans reeling with that feeling even after the movie is over. On the plus side, experiencing this effect cements a person as a Doctor Strange fan for life.

Happens Every Few Minutes

Fans have come to expect a surprise in Doctor Strange movies every few moments because that’s basically how things unfold in them. Interestingly, Christine had the same reaction in both entries, with the first showing her gasping in fright when she saw Doctor Strange stepping out of a portal.

Doctor Strange 2 continued this practice when the Earth-838 Christine screamed in horror when Sinister Strange’s corpse revealed a third eye. As this meme points out, the average viewer reacts much like Christine does due to the many shocking moments in store.

How The Big Bad Usually Is

Dormammu was the original entry’s villain, where he showed up making a similar face to Pennywise the Clown as part of his evil intentions to consume the Earth. Along the same lines, Scarlet Witch had a maniacal expression after Doctor Strange figured out her plan to storm Kamar-Taj.

The villains in these movies generally carry slasher grins because they feel they’re in absolute control. To their credit, they actually are right in thinking this way since both Dormammu and Scarlet Witch were undefeated and Doctor Strange had to convince them to leave the good guys alone.

Shocking Revelations To Be Expected

Scarlet Witch let slip America’s name during her first scene, which was one of the unexpected developments in Doctor Strange 2 since it revealed she was the villain after America’s life. This meme contextualizes how the majority of fans felt when the moment took place.

After all, nobody would have expected Scarlet Witch to be the antagonist and her evil intentions were scary, to say the least. This aspect was present in the first movie, too, as fans reacted with horror when they learned that the Ancient One had been empowering herself from the Dark Dimension just like the villains had.

Wong Is Everyone’s Dad

Doctor Strange and America had something of a father-daughter/brother-sister dynamic in the movie. His protectiveness for her has led to fans loving their relationship, to the point where they’re searching for parallels. According to this meme, the “father-daughter” pair look at Wong as a paternal figure, too. 

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Wong has been a source of comfort for Doctor Strange in the movies, having been the only one the latter can fully confide in. He’s now going to look after America as well in Kamar-Taj, meaning Wong has occupied the fatherly role in both movies and is likely to continue in the sequel.

How The Fans Feel

With everything from great action, storytelling, thrills, and numerous cameos in Doctor Strange films, there’s little to complain about from fans. This meme is meant to appreciate both the first and second movie, where the tweet highlights how much the person loves Doctor Strange.

The series has always upped the ante for the MCU by providing major revelations like the existence of the Dark Dimension and several other multiverses. The second movie even dabbled with the horror genre, so there really is enough goodwill for the fans to appreciate the series.

Stephen And Christine’s Love Story

Rachel McAdams has been in her fair share of romantic movies, although Christine and Doctor Strange’s love story isn’t meant to be. The protagonist mentions how he’s in love with her in every universe during Doctor Strange 2, so this meme has looked to take a funny spin on it.

It reimagines Doctor Strange in McAdams’ earlier romance-based works, which is hilariously true in canon because all of Christine and Stephen’s variants look different from one another. At the end of it, the pair’s love story is a central aspect of the films and even the quirkier memes about them apply.

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