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MCU: 10 Marvel Shows Twitter Would Like To Return, Following Daredevil’s Revival

Marvel Studios’ Comic Con panel contained many surprising announcements, and one of the most exciting news was the return of Netflix’s Daredevil series. Set to release on Disney+ in spring 2024, this hotly-anticipated comeback has left a few of Marvel’s biggest fans wondering about the future of the comic-book company’s previous television projects, which were originally conceived before Marvel Studios’ recent television releases.

From Agent Carter to Luke Cage, Marvel’s early small-screen offerings have gathered a significant fan base, with several of their most loyal viewers eager for these programs to receive a follow-up series. Twitter, in particular, have expressed much enthusiasm for these delightful superhero shows to return, with the social media platform eagerly discussing their potential within the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Gifted

Marvel Studios’ acquisition of the X-Men franchise promises to introduce a bold new era to the MCUwith fans excited to see some of the comic-book industry’s most iconic characters meet heroes such as Doctor Strange. One of the most successful series is The Gifted, which follows a couple who discover their children possess the X-gene. Its powerful storytelling has left Twitter poster @bri_beadle desperate for more episodes, declaring how she will “give Kevin Feige my firstborn child” in exchange for the show’s return.

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The Gifted presents a dramatic and engaging storyline, as Reed and Caitlin’s kids Lauren and Andy Strucker attempt to fit into a society that fears mutants. The family drama explores some of the world’s most hard-hitting problems in a profound manner, dealing with topical issues such as prejudice and drug trafficking within the context of a universe populated by superheroes. The Gifted’s return seems a natural fit for Marvel Studios’ slate, with mutants set to play a big part in the MCU‘s future.

Luke Cage

Netflix has produced some of the best original shows based on comics, which have delivered viewers a grittier take on the comic-book genre. Among their greatest offerings is Luke Cage, which sees the titular vigilante fighting crime within Harlem’s streets. Luke Cage’s intense battles have impressed Twitter’s @HarleyIsMyQueen, who is desperate to see “Cotler’s Luke Cage” receive a Disney+ series.

Netflix’s comic-book narrative is a gloomy take on the Marvel universe, with the incredibly strong Luke Cage finding himself convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. The tough vigilante is seen fighting some of the franchise’s most aggressive villains, and its return could open the MCU to some of the superhero saga’s bleakest corners, as Luke continues his vengeance on Harlem’s crime empire.

Agent Carter

Peggy Carter has become one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, with her spin-off show Agent Carter having attracted a sizeable fan base upon its debut. Twitter user @Yvonne_O66 has stated how she would “love” to see Agent Carter return, with the original program having ended its run in 2016.

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Agent Carter is a bright and breezy spy caper, as the stern SSR agent uncovers various deadly threats. The series effectively explores the emotional ramifications of Steve Rogers’ disappearance from 1940s America, and Peggy’s grief is a heartbreaking watch. Additionally, her recent appearances as Captain Carter demonstrates her clear potential within the MCU, providing plenty of material for an Agent Carter revival.


Superhero teens often have a tough time within the comic-book genre, with characters such as Peter Parker frequently struggling to balance their personal and vigilante lifestyles. Runaways has done an especially great job in this regard, with its titular gang of troubled teens discovering their parents’ involvement in a sinister secret society. @KazekunForever is a particularly big fan, expressing his hope for “a soft reboot TV Show.”

This highly entertaining drama series offers viewers a fun coming-of-age narrative, as audiences witness the Marvel universe through the eyes of the series’ quirky teenage outcasts. Fans believe that these Runaways characters have the potential to join the MCU because of their colorful nature, and with a recent trademark by Marvel indicating a Runaways revival could be in development (via Twinfinite), the show’s potential future at Marvel Studios looks especially likely.

Iron Fist

Finn Jones’ Iron Fist proved a big hit with audiences upon his debut in 2017, with many fans admiring his childlike portrayal of the character. Twitter poster @YungQuavious is desperate for the show’s revival, expressing his belief that “Iron Fist is overhated.”

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Iron Fist’s mystical powers bring a more fantastical vibe to the New York City setting, which would fit in well alongside the more supernatural aspects of Doctor Strange and Moon Knight.  Danny Rand’s Kung-Fu skillset could also lead to a fun collaboration between the Iron Fist and Shang-Chi – should the series be revived – as Danny joins forces with the fearless martial arts vigilante to defend New York from various criminal threats.

Agents Of SHIELD

Marvel’s first attempt at an MCUadjacent TV series achieved a particularly big following, attracting the interests of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most devoted viewers. Twitter user @HiddensVlog is extremely keen for the show’s continuation, stating his desire for “some Agents of SHIELD representation.”

This action-packed series featured some of the comic-book genre’s most compelling characters, with Agents Of SHIELD having showcased a few of Marvel’s best friendships. These dynamic relationships provided a few of television’s greatest pairings, such as Fitz and Simmons’ unstoppable romance, and a Marvel Studios revival could lead to further enjoyable team-ups, with the show’s brave spies protecting the universe alongside the Avengers.

Jessica Jones

Private detectives have featured in some of television’s best stories, with characters including Sherlock Holmes having captured the attention of many audiences over the years. One of the most notable is Jessica Jones, who sets up her detective agency following her traumatic encounter with the maleficent Kilgrave.  Netflix’s Jessica Jones adaptation has left Twitter’s @Is_Mable eager for another series, declaring that it’s “All I want from the MCU.

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Jessica Jones delivers a harrowing depiction of mental health, allowing audiences to sympathize with Jessica’s deeply distressing experiences. Her bleak plotline introduces audiences to one of David Tennant’s best characters, with the Scottish actor giving an especially chilling performance as the nefarious Kilgrave, and his potential return could provide one of Marvel Studios’ most terrifying antagonists.

Cloak And Dagger

Cloak and Dagger is one of Marvel’s most delightful series, as audiences are introduced to troubled teenagers Tandy and Tyrone. The pair’s deeply traumatic lives are made further complicated when they acquire superpowers, and their shared experiences create an unbreakable bond between the heroic duo. Twitter poster @i_starfish believes it is time for Cloak and Dagger’s return, stating her hopes for a “season 3.”

Cloak and Dagger’s weird narratives would compliment Marvel Studios’ creative approach nicely, with the company having recently produced some of the comic-book genre’s quirkiest TV Shows, such as WandaVision and Loki. Furthermore, Cloak and Dagger’s unique powers, which allow them to see the hopes and fears of anyone they touch, would add a new dimension to the studio’s upcoming projects, as Marvel Studios’ loyal viewers are introduced to two of Marvel’s most unusual heroes.

The Punisher

Marvel’s comic books have included some of the genre’s darkest characters, with bloodthirsty individuals including Deadpool and Venom having appeared in their beloved stories. The Punisher is a particularly great example of Marvel’s gloomier side, and the ruthless anti-hero’s Netflix adventures have seen Twitter’s @@nrmgdv request that “the punisher series” be the “next” show to receive a greenlight.

Gloriously violent and brilliantly bombastic, The Punisher is a particularly wild ride. The vigilante’s morally ambiguous approach to his heroic deeds sees him use various questionable methods to seek justice. It could provide an interesting perspective for a Marvel Studios production, with the line between “hero” and “villain” blurred by Frank Castle’s abrasive actions.

The Defenders

Superhero teams are responsible for some of the comic-book genre’s most spectacular storylines, as viewers bear witness to the Earth’s mightiest heroes battling some of the universe’s deadliest villains. Twitter user @KnightFleck is especially enthusiastic about a Defenders continuation, stating, “Now announce The Defenders revival.”

The Defenders offers viewers the chance to see Netflix’s hardened vigilantes come together to face a colossal threat, with the roster of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Iron Fist delivering an interesting dynamic. The team’s inclusion within Marvel Studios’ slate would provide a more ethically dubious group in comparison to the Avengers, with the Defenders likely to adopt more problematic methods to their vigilante work.

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