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Minecraft Meets Mario Kart In Ice Boat Race Track Build

An intense Minecraft build allows its creator to tear through an impressive ice boat race track, channeling some high-speed Mario Kart energy.

A talented Minecraft player recently showcased their impressive ice boat race track build, which allows participants to speed and drift like a game of Mario Kart. Mojang’s beloved survival sandbox game gives players access to a plethora of tools and resources which lets them craft some truly impressive builds. Mario Kart‘s signature high-speed racing gameplay has been adopted by other titles, such as GTA Online‘s Kart Krash racing mode, but Minecraft‘s various tools allow for a truly unique recreation.

As a survival sandbox game, Minecraft gives players a wide variety of different tools and resources with which to construct their own original builds. In the game’s default Survival mode, these resources must be found and collected from throughout the title’s massive randomly generated worlds. However, Creative mode gives gamers access to Minecraft‘s entire catalog of blocks, ranging from different colored woods to electronic Redstone blocks that can be powered by strategically-placed wires of red dust. Using these resources, players have completed countless complex creations since Minecraft‘s originally went public back in 2009. For example, one talented player created the Ghostbusters’ iconic Ecto-1 car within Minecraft, bringing the iconic film vehicle to life within the sandbox title.


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Reddit user and Minecraft architect Alphawolf_GX recently showed-off an extensive ice boat race track that allows them to drift around corners like Mario Kart. A break-neck video showing off the creation, set to “The Top” by Ken Blast, sees the creator tearing around corners and nailing big jumps while riding around in a wooden boat. An ingenious water-powered elevator loops the rider back up to the top once they finish the track, creating an endless amount of high-speed fun.

While Minecraft itself gives creators plenty of different tools to work with, video editing can further increase the amount of creativity that the game’s fans can enjoy. For example, Minecraft parody of Monty Python sees a group of hapless adventurers encounter the game’s infamous killer rabbit. The survival sandbox title features rabbits as harmless mobs which players can entice with the help of a carrot. However, a monstrous version of the adorable creature can be spawned using console commands, and the video parody draws comparisons between this creature and Monty Python and the Holy Grail‘s own killer bunny.

By taking advantage of wooden boats and plenty of ice, Alphawolf_GX’s ice boat track turns Minecraft into an exciting first-person Mario Kart game. The track’s creator seems to be a fantastic boat driver as well as a fantastic architect, as they are able to effortlessly coast around the build’s narrow track without fail. Among Minecraft‘s multitude of creative creations, the ice boat track stands out as an exciting high-speed Mario Kart experience.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: Alphawolf_GX/Reddit

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