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Moon Knight: 7 Non-Marvel Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Disney+ show Moon Knight.

With only a few days left until Moon Knight‘s finale, there’s no shortage of fan theories and discussions about the gripping events in the Disney+ show. As fans eagerly wait for the final episode, which is set to be released on May 4, some may be combing through previous scenes in search of Easter eggs and references.

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Alongside major comic book references like Duchamp and Crawley, there are also a few non-Marvel Easter eggs that are worth talking about. While some of these, like Steven’s Avatar reference, are quite obvious, others, like a well-placed Star Wars poster, are easy to miss.


Every Grain Of Sand

Harrow's hands on a table in Moon Knight.

The scene introducing the major villain in Moon Knight is an unforgettable one, as it shows Harrow going through what appears to be his usual morning routine before heading out for another day of judging and killing people for Ammit. The ritual includes crushing glass and placing it in his shoes, which is a twisted practice meant to underscore his devotion to his god, Ammit.

Some fans may immediately recognize the song playing in the background and understand its significance to the moment. As Harrow goes through this gruesome routine, Bob Dylan’s “Every Grain of Sand” plays in the background. The 1981 song is the perfect pick for the scene, as its lyrics tackle themes of devotion and faith.

Not Those Avatars

Moon Knight Arthur Character Shot

During a tense confrontation between Harrow and Steven in the museum, the antagonist explains how Ammit was wronged by the other gods. When he mentions how even her own avatar betrayed her, Steven hilariously chimes in and mentions how he loves “that film” with the “blue people.”

As if the reference to the 2009 movie that’s getting a 2022 sequel – Avatar 2 – wasn’t timely enough, Steven responds again after Harrow is annoyed by asking if he actually means “the anime.” He’s referring to Avatar: The Last Airbender this time, which also happens to be getting a live-action adaptation.

Les Séparés

Layla and Steven looking at an aquarium in Moon Knight.

When Layla sees Steven’s flat for the first time, she has a hard time believing that he’s not actually Marc and thinks that her husband is just messing with her. The romantic moment when Steven finishes the line of a French poem with her arguably helps her realize that the person in front of her isn’t exactly the husband that left her.

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The poem they recite titled ‘Les Séparés’ (‘Apart’) is actually more apt than non-French-speaking viewers may have realized. It’s by the poet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, and it’s about someone asking the person they love (and has left them) not to write anymore, as it only hurts them more. There’s even a line comparing knocking at the poet’s heart to “knocking at a tomb,” which Steven will be doing soon enough!

Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Arthur holding Khonshu's banishment statue, Moon Knight episode 3

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention the countless references to Egyptian mythology in Moon Knight. Fans of the comics know that Marvel has taken inspiration from actual Egyptian mythology to create characters like Khonshu and Taweret, as well as members of the Ennead – Hathor, Horus, Isis, Tefnut, and Osiris.

There’s also that scene when Steven is about to open a tomb that contains Ammit’s ushabti. Before he does so, he mentions how excited he is and hopes it’s one of the big ones, like Nefertiti. This particular reference is significant because, in real life, Nefertiti’s tomb has never been discovered (or is at least still hotly debated, according to Nature), which explains why Steven is hoping that he could be the first to find it.

Ned Flanders

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight

A comical exchange ensues when Steven comes face-to-face with the creepy Dr. Harrow. While Dr. Harrow seems happy to see him, claiming they’ve met once before, Steven is understandably just perplexed and frightened by the whole situation. Steven thinks that he’s in an imaginary room with Arthur Harrow, and he refuses to believe anything the therapist tells him.

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He sneaks in a funny reference to The Simpsons when he describes how “it’s so strange” and continues by saying “the little haircut” and “silly little ‘tache” that Dr. Harrow has are “very Ned Flanders.” Viewers likely can’t help but see that image in their heads now every time Dr. Harrow appears.

Indiana Jones

Steven learns about the worst thing Marc has done to him when it’s revealed that Marc is the host identity, with Steven being his alter. Marc knew this all along, but couldn’t bring himself to tell Steven because of how painful it would be to revisit those memories where Steven first appeared.

While the poster of the fictional film “Tomb Buster” has appeared as a VHS tape on Dr. Harrow’s desk before, it’s the first time Steven is seeing it in Marc’s room. It’s likely inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise, as Dr. Steven Grant’s outfit is obviously a copy of Harrison Ford’s iconic costume from the movies. There is also a similarity with the story elements, with Dr. Steven Grant being a brave explorer who can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

A New Hope

Marc and Steven in a room in Moon Knight.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in Marc’s childhood room, a sneaky nod to Oscar Isaac’s role as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars franchise can be seen by the door. The poster for A New Hope is easy to miss, especially considering how the room is chock-full of comic book references.

The poster is the last thing on Marc and Steven’s minds at that moment, though, as the two are experiencing a crucial point in their relationship where Marc finally shows Steven one of the most awful periods of his life.

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