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Moon Knight As Batman AI Art Proves The Marvel/DC Comparison Was Valid

AI-generated DALL-E images show just how similar Moon Knight and Batman appear after many years of comparing the Marvel and DC characters.

An AI image generator highlights the similarities between Marvel’s Moon Knight and DC’s Batman. Both characters have had big years thanks to the Disney+ series Moon Knight and Matt Reeves’ film The Batman. Both projects were departures of sorts for their respective franchises, with Moon Knight darker in tone than many of the MCU’s other shows and The Batman introducing a new take on the Caped Crusader with Robert Pattinson stepping into the role. Both the series and movie were praised by critics for the actors’ performances, among other elements that worked well.

Additionally, Moon Knight and The Batman debuted around the same time, with Moon Knight premiering its first episode on March 30 and The Batman releasing to theaters on March 4. The similarities between the two projects are rather ironic considering the characters of Moon Knight and Batman have been compared since Moon Knight made his debut in 1975. Though their backstories are different, in the comics, both heroes are wealthy men who utilize gadgets, detective skills, and other talents well but don’t possess true superpowers. Their costumes are also somewhat similar, particularly their armor and capes.


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The AI image generator DALL-E mini proves just how much Moon Knight and Batman have in common, at least in appearance. Searching “Moon Knight As Batman” pulls up a series of images combining the two heroes’ costumes, highlighting just how similar they are. Check out the images below:

Moon Knight as Batman image generator

Perhaps not so surprisingly, it would be pretty easy to convince someone that the images are actually just Batman. The only real difference is that Moon Knight’s hood and cape are used, though they still look quite close to Batman’s. Bruce’s iconic yellow belt and bat symbol also stand out, though the symbol is slightly muddled in some of the images.

While it’s reasonable to compare Batman and Moon Knight, it’s worth remembering that the bulk of DC comic book characters have some sort of Marvel counterpart and vice versa. For example, while heroes like Captain America and Superman may not be as easy to compare visually, the two play similar roles in their respective franchises as the moral backbone. The same is true of a whole host of characters, as it’s nearly impossible to create something that hasn’t been done in some form before. The important thing is to give each hero their own unique motivation, which Batman and Moon Knight both have.

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Source: DALLE-E mini

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