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Moonfall 2 Could Happen If First Movie Is Succesful, Says Rolan Emmerich

Director Roland Emmerich wants to make a sequel to his upcoming film Moonfall should it prove successful, against its $140 million budget.

Roland Emmerich says Moonfall could happen if the first movie is successful enough. Known for directing Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow2012, and White House Down, Emmerich’s work has been praised for its eye-catching visuals and groundbreaking effects, though his storytelling and character work has been less than well-received throughout his career. Moonfall is set to be one of the most expensive independently financed films of all time at $140 million, beating out Emmerich’s previous film, Midway, a World War II drama.

Moonfall tells the story of the moon being knocked out of orbit, with two astronauts and a conspiracy theorist teaming up to prevent it colliding with Earth, discovering that the moon itself is not what it seems. Moonfall is set to deliver more of the spectacular effects that have driven Emmerich’s filmography. Lionsgate will release the film in theaters on February 4.


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In an interview with, Emmerich discusses how he might be interested in making Moonfall 2 should the upcoming movie prove successful enough. He also hints about how there’s more story to tell after the first movie ends, suggesting the Earth won’t be completely destroyed in the film. He goes on to say that the moon hitting Earth isn’t really what the film is about, rather a side story to what’s inside the moon. Read Emmerich’s quote below:

“Yeah, maybe [Moonfall] is a cool one because then you could continue the story, but, that will happen if the movie is successful enough. Don’t forget. The Moon falls on Earth, but it’s a side story. It’s more what’s inside the Moon, I’m a big believer in that you don’t give away the movie in advertising.”

Moonfall boasts a strong cast, with Oscar-winner Halle Barry in the lead role alongside Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Michael Peña, Charlie Plummer, and Donald Sutherland. The film was shot in Montreal beginning in October 2020 and lasted for 61 days. Emmerich is also known for having allegories in his films, with much of his work satirizing the lack of government preparation for the oncoming climate crisis, a theme Moonfall will likely continue.

Given the high budget of the film, plus costs spent on advertising, the movie would have to break $200 million at the very least to be considered successful, a number that seems too large considering the stop and start of cinemas opening up again due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Though some films are crossing that barrier, it’s too soon to say if Emmerich’s name and marketing will be enough to make that kind of profit. In the end, Moonfall will surely satisfy on a visual level, but audiences will have to wait and see if the narrative can reach the scope of its effects.

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  • Moonfall (2022)Release date: Feb 04, 2022

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