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Netflix’s Toy Boy: The 6 Best Characters, Ranked

Warning: This article contains mentions of violent crimes, some of which are sexual in nature.

With the return of the Spanish show Toy Boy to Netflix on February 11th, the original series has become a hit among subscribers of the streaming giant. The show is sexy, fun, and murderous with just the right amount of drama, mystery, and romance. Although it is not among the best foreign shows to watch on Netflix, Toy Boy is sure to interest fans of the genres it explores.

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Toy Boy follows Hugo, a male dancer, after his release from prison following a 7-year stint for a murder he did not commit. On a mission to clear his name and prove his innocence, fans and viewers are introduced to some well-liked characters, and others too corrupt to be given a second chance.

6 Macarena Medina

A mother that some might consider one of the worst TV show parents of all time, Macarena Medina is just a complicated character. Viewers are presented with an ambitious and sex-addled businesswoman who loses everything when her husband is presumed dead, her company begins to crumble, and her name and reputation are ruined.

Fans have a love/hate relationship with this character because of her selfish choices and lack of knowledge about what is going on in her own home. It is easy to see that she loves her son Andrea; however, she is neglectful in the sense that she never really sits down and speaks with him about what is going on in his life. As she goes through her downfall, however, fans see her character showcase remorse and guilt for her actions that led to her current situation.

5 Andrea Medina

Andrea Medina is another complicated character and soul in Toy Boy. He is struggling with a dark secret that leaves him vulnerable and depressed. His mental stability is fragile, and he struggles to communicate the trauma that he has endured.

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Fans soon learn that this trauma stems from him being sexually assaulted by his very own uncle and not being able to verbally communicate this out of fear. After learning what Andrea is facing, it is easier to understand his dilemma in his relationship with Jairo and his strained relationship with his mother Macarena. Andrea is an isolated soul battling with this huge secret and betrayal at the hands of someone he trusted. However, he begins to show his true self through his artwork and interactions with Jairo.


4 Jairo Soto

Jairo Soto is a mute dancer and is part of the key core four “toy boys”. His storyline revolves around his complicated family situation and the relationship that arises between himself and Andrea Medina, whom he helps after the latter is beaten outside of the club. Jairo’s need to be there and protect Andrea speaks to his character. Coming from a rough background and a less than understanding family, he does not take his problems out on others, and instead, he chooses to be kind.

After finding out who Andrea truly is and his connection to Hugo’s case, he still chooses to be there for the young man. When Andrea is placed inside of a psychiatric hospital, it is Jairo he calls, and it is Jairo who comes to his rescue. Their relationship development in season two could give way to the two becoming a great LGBTQ+ couple to watch on TV. Jairo is a character easy to love and relate to. His ability to adapt to circumstances and still rise in the worst of situations is admirable.

3 Alvaro Rojas

Alvaro holds something in Toy Boy

A character only seen through flashbacks, Alvaro Rojas was still able to make an impact on viewers.  The grandson of the main rivals of the Medina family, Alvaro is a fair and compassionate “bad boy”. He soon becomes the main focus in the series when questions begin to arise around his disappearance, and those questions link back to Hugo and the Medina family.

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It is soon revealed that Alvaro is the dead body discovered on the boat that got Hugo sentenced to fifteen years in prison. His death is the result of him finding Andrea after his sexual assault at the hands of his uncle, and after beating him up, is killed trying to take Andrea from this bad situation.

2 Triana Marín

Triana looks into the camera in Toy Boy

Triana Marín is the smart and strong lawyer behind Hugo’s defense. Her prestigious law firm’s decision is to take on Hugo’s case as pro bono, with Triana being placed as the woman for the job, to essentially make the firm look good.

Triana does not mince her words and makes it clear she is there to help Hugo win his retrial and prove to her boss she is ready for a promotion.  When she sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her from digging for the truth, especially when it comes to Hugo, whom she begins to fall for throughout the first season of the series. With her determination and savviness, she could hold a candle to some of the best TV lawyers of all time and come out on top.

1 Hugo Beltrán

Hugo Beltrán, fresh out of prison, is looking to get his life back on track after being sentenced to fifteen years, though only serving seven, for a crime he did not commit. Toy Boy follows his character journey in discovering the truth and understanding the secrets and lies surrounding his fall from grace as a male dancer and his subsequent prison stint.

Hugo is a complex character who is easy to root for on one hand, but whom many want to yell at on the other. He can be selfish and brash at times; however, fans understand why he is the way he is. His torrid affair with Macarena Medina is the start of his downfall, and fans see just how far he could fall in the first episode of the season. The twists are something fans loved in Season One of Toy Boy, and Hugo’s journey continuously keeps the audience invested.

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